Australian and New Zealand Associates, you still have the opportunity to register for and attend our two great events scheduled for this weekend of September the 21st and 22nd.

Friday Night, September 21st is the Breakthrough Sports Nutrition & Wellness Seminar.  This educational evening will be hosted by Platinum Associates Marcus Schubert and Michael Firth.  Don’t miss out on the latest information on Max Products!  Get your prospects to attend and they’ll learn more about how effective these scientifically proven supplements really are.  Register today on our Eventbrite page before the link expires at 2:00 pm. on Friday!

Then, get excited for the all-day Regional Business Training Session hosted by Michael and Marcus on Saturday, September 22nd. Are you ready to get started building your Max Business?  Are you in need of some direction or advice on how to best move forward to achieve success?

Don’t waste your time, effort, energy or money – attend this session and you’ll get the duplicatable tools and system you need to build your business to last!  Get the full details and register at the Eventbrite site.  Act NOW because your chance to register for the Saturday training session also ends at 2:00 on Friday.

If you’re serious about building your business and want to share the Max opportunity with as many people as possible, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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Dear Valued Associates -

We are very grateful to have you as partners with us at Max International as we jointly roll out our business opportunity and breakthrough products around the world. In order to continue to meet your needs and further safeguard your businesses from those who would misuse our programs, Max will roll out an anti-fraud initiative on Monday, August 6th in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at approximately 5:00 pm MDT.  We have already instituted this initiative in Colombia and the Philippines with great results.

Every Associate will need to enter an Enrollment Security PIN for all sign-ups, in addition to the existing Associate ID.  This additional layer of security will further secure the integrity of your account and sales tree as you continue to recruit new prospects.

Whenever someone selects the “Join Now” button at the top of the Corporate Web site, they will be prompted for the Sponsor’s ID and the Sponsor’s enrollment PIN.  Under this system, please be sure to give your ID and PIN to your new Associate before enrolling them.  Without both, the new prospect cannot register and will be prompted to contact their sponsor or call Customer Care for assistance.

All current Associates already have this PIN and can access it under the “My Tools” section at the top of the Virtual Office.  Once in the Max4U section, select “Change Enrollment PIN” to view your current PIN and/or change it.  The PIN can be changed at any time and we recommend that it be changed at least quarterly to ensure added security in your downlines.

Any new prospects that are enrolled as new Associates will be issued their own Associate ID and PIN to enroll others. Their new 4 digit PIN will be included in the confirmation email received at sign up, along with other important information about operating a Max Business. Anyone who owns a Max4u replicated marketing web site can view their PIN in their own confirmation email as well.

Use of the PIN enables Associates to personally meet their new prospects and get to know them better as part of the business building process. It is vital that your Associate Enrollment Security PIN should be kept confidential and not listed on any marketing materials such as business cards, Facebook pages, email signatures, or similar communication that can be copied, forwarded, or shared freely.  Following these procedures will protect your PIN from unauthorized use and keep your business secure.

It is because we value your partnership that we’ve taken the extra step to give you greater safety and security.  It is Max International’s goal to enable you to grow and safeguard your business in all of our markets for many decades to come.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we implement this important initiative with your teams.


Rick S. Nelson
Vice President, Business Development
Max International, LLC

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  • New Zealand Conference CallThis Saturday morning, 28 July, 2012 at 9am SHARP

Catch up with the very latest Max Corporate updates, activities & testimonies around NZ, Fiji, other Pacific Isles, Australia and more. Invite your new Associates to get on Skype and join us. Be ready by 8.55 am please.

Dial 001 719-313-5790 Access code: 726804#
or FREE by Skype: “joinconference” then add access code 726804#


  • MAX WELLNESS MEETING This Saturday, 28 July – Auckland (and NZ) MAX Headquarters, Conference Room Level 3, 45 O’Rorke Rd Penrose at 2 – 4pm.

Get yourself, your team, and all prospects together for a couple of hours of product information, testimony and more.

From 4-6pm there will be a social/people connection and Q & A time for those you have brought along. This is a great opportunity to get your prospects acquainted with leaders in the company to show them we are there to support them with product or business.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Accessing your MyMaxPay account just got even easier and more convenient!  The MyMaxPay mobile app allows you to access your account from your iPhone, iPad, or Droid device.  You can now check your balances, view your transaction history, and cashout your Max International commission payments to your saved cashout accounts anywhere at anytime!

To download the mobile app, just go to your app store and search for “MyMaxPay.”  Download the app and you’ll be in business.

Remember, if you’re an Associate in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or New Zealand then MyMaxPay now gives you the ability to manage your account directly – granting you unprecedented control and flexibility in how you receive your commissions.  For a full details of its features, requirements, and fees, follow this link to our previous notice about MyMaxPay.

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Australian and New Zealand Associates, don’t miss the second Sports Nutrition and Wellness Meeting at Melbourne on July 1st.  This three-part meeting starts with a Sports Nutrition and Wellness seminar,  includes a Max International business overview, and then concludes with a training session.

Melbourne – Sunday 1st July
2:00pm-3:00pm – Sports Nutrition & Wellness
3.30pm-­4:00pm – Business Overview
4:00pm-5:00pm – Getting Started Training

Marcus Schubert, a member of the Max International Advisory Board , will be welcoming prominent Australian Football League Star Adam McPhee, currently with Fremantle, as a special guest.

Come see and hear the many ways in which Max Products are helping to improve athletic performance.

Get an insightful look at the details of owning your own Max business and then receive professional training on how you can get started on the road to Success with Significance.

Location will be at The Fleece Hotel
120 Montague Street, South Melbourne


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Australian and New Zealand Associates, don’t miss the Breakthrough Sports Nutrition & Wellness Night, this Thursday, June 21st from 7.30pm to 9pm

Marcus Schubert, a member of the Max International Advisory Board , will be welcoming two prominent Australian Football League Stars:

Adam McPhee, currently with Fremantle and Marcus White, currently with East Perth.

Come see these great players and hear the many ways of how Max Products are helping to improve athletic performance.


The Meeting will be at Challenge Stadium in the Theatre Room
100 Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont

Associates are $10 and all guests are Free!

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New Zealand and Australian Associates, don’t miss your opportunity to join us for the Saturday morning Conference Calls.  Grant Bracefield and Bernie Ogilvy lead New Zealand and Australasia’s best-kept secret with this upbeat and insightful call.

Featuring up-to-the-minute news, activities, and testimonies from New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific Nations, the Saturday Conference Call highlights the latest and greatest news from Associates around the region.

If you’re building a Max business in the area, get in on this call to join the excitement and the success occurring throughout the region.

The Conference Call happens every Saturday at 9am NZST

Dial:  001 719-313-5790 +Access code: 726804#

Skype: “joinconference” + Access code 726804#


Don’t meander in the morning, rattle your dags and get in on this call!

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It’s an important and exciting moment for Associates in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – the first weekly commissions from the new MyMaxPay are schedule to go out this Wednesday.  Take note that this ONLY affects those four markets, Associates in Singapore, the Philippines and Colombia are unaffected by this change and will receive their usual commission deposits.

First, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the features and convenience of the new system, here are major benefits for the new system:

  • You receive your commissions more quickly.
  • You can access your commission balances online, anytime, anywhere.
  • You can immediately transfer commissions to your bank account.
  • You can transfer funds to a prepaid USD Max International Visa card for greater convenience (Max Visa card available by mid June, more currencies available soon after).
  • You can access your account through your smart phone to review balances or to make transfers.
  • You can purchase product directly through your MyMaxPay accounts (available in approximately 1 month).

MyMaxPay modernizes our commissions system, simplifies international payments, and reduces waste and redundancy.  This new system helps all of Max “go green” by eliminating the need for paper checks.  Tracking will now be easier, transfers will be immediate and the convenience of this system makes for an effective recruiting tool.

There a few important updates regarding transfer in Canada and the general bank fees.

1 – Canadians will need a USD bank account to receive bank transfers.  Per the request of our Canadian Associates, Canadian commissions are paid in USD.  However, MyMaxPay cannot transfer USD to a Canadian dollar account.  Therefore, if a Canadian Associate wants to use the bank transfer option, they will have to open a USD account (available with the large majority of banks in Canada).  If an Associate attempts to transfer USD to a Canadian dollar account, the transfer will fail, and it may take up to a week to get the funds back depending on the bank.

2 – We want to remind everyone that certain transactions require specific fees:

  • Transfer to Prepaid Max Visa Card – FREE
  • Monthly Account Fee – $1.50 USD, $1.60 AUD, $2.10 NZD
  • Bank Transfer Fee – $2.00 USD, $2.15 AUD, $2.75 NZD
  • Payment by Check – $7.00 USD, $7.50 AUD, $10.00 NZD

We’re committed to making sure all of our Associates receive their commissions in as expedient and convenient a way as possible.  We greatly value your partnership with us, so we have taken the step to offer one free bank transfer per month.

The option to transfer to the Visa card is still free, and now every Associate will also be able to make one bank transfer for free each month as well.  Please note that payments by check for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are still available by request at, but will still incur the handling fee.

Every Associate who has recently received a commission and is qualified to register for MyMaxPay should have received an email from Max with detailed instructions.  To ensure you received your weekly and monthly commissions on time, please follow the email’s instructions and register at your earliest convenience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service department.

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As of Today, June 1st, all Associates in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be required to activate their new MyMaxPay account to receive their commissions through MyMaxPay.  Physical checks will still be available as a means for receiving commissions, but doing so will require a surcharge – see the fee schedule in the original announcement.

Remember, you can activate your account as follows:

1-       Go to

2-       Click on Activate Account

3-       Choose one of the personal pieces of information to validate identity

4-       Fill in your profile information and set up your password

5-       Your MyMaxPay account has now been activated

Once your account is activated, you will be notified by email every time commissions are uploaded to your MyMaxPay account.  The commissions schedule will remain the same, with weekly commissions every Wednesday and monthly commissions paid out on the 15th of the month.

The new MyMaxPay comes with many convenient features, giving you greater control over your commissions and ensuring that you receive your payment in a timely manner.

  • You can access your commission balances online, anytime, anywhere.
  • You can immediately transfer commissions to your bank account.
  • You can transfer funds to a prepaid USD Max International Visa card for greater convenience.
  • While the Max Visa card is USD only right now, more currencies will be coming very soon.
  • You can access your account through your smart phone to review balances or to make transfers.
  • You can purchase product directly through your MyMaxPay accounts.

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To all Australian and New Zealand Associates and preferred customers

Please note that the New Zealand office will be closed on Monday, 4th of June 2012  to celebrate Queen’s Birthday.

Normal business will resume at 8.30am on Tuesday 5th of June 2012.

Thank you.

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