AMPLIFY’s General Session 3 an Uplifting End to the General Sessions.

The last general session of Convention was just as inspiring and educational as the first two and served as a great encapsulation of all the amazing things that happened this weekend.

  • Jason Hewlett returned as our MC for the entirety of this session.  Throughout the night he kept the crown entertained with impressions that included Cher, Neil Young, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Nat “King” Cole, and even a raptor from Jurassic Park!
  • Steven K. Scott is the first presenter of this session, and he’s here to take the audience through the brand new brochures that the Max marketing department has developed.  The most important aspect he’s addressing is that it’s not enough to just leave the brochure with a prospect and ask them to read it.  The content of each brochure needs to be brought up in conversation to hook your prospect into wanting to learn more.  Steve gave a run-through of how he’d approach each brochure.  In the end, we were all very grateful for such a masterful break-down of the different content.

Steven K. Scott

  • Next up was a highlight of Max’s connection to sports and athletics.  Bruce Mathison came out on stage with two amazing soccer players.  Heather Cooke, a young and rising soccer player of the Max sponsored Philippines National team was joined by soccer legend and Colombian icon Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama.  Bruce announced the new Max Sports pack, a collection of MaxATP, Cellgevity and Max N-Fuze for $170 USD.  Bruce then interviewed both Heather and Carlos and asked about their training regiments, love for the sport, and how they use Max products.  This was a great live version of the Max Athlete’s call which Bruce hosts every Tuesday night.

Heather and Carlos pass the futbol

  • Marcus Shubert is up next to share his thoughts about the importance of conventions and events.  Essentially, events serve as the backbone support for arranging talks and recognition, two vital elements of having a successful network marketing model.  He’s here to announce that the corporate office has a full list of events all the way to next year’s International Convention, ACCELERATE, in September 2013.  Everyone needs to step up and take part in events because they build and support four fundamental beliefs:
  • Belief in the Product
  • Belief in the Company
  • Belief in the Industry
  • Belief in Yourself
  • Jason is back to announce the winner of the Max N-Fuze smoothie contest.  He tries samples of Kathleen’s Green Machine, Tropical N-Fuze Delight, and Mel’s Morning Wakeup.  Very humorous and outrageous reactions for each drink.  And the Winner is Tropical N-Fuze Delight!
  • The Max executive team comes out for the gold recognition.  The crowd is really behind this one, as people rush the stage to take photos while others blow airhorns and celebrate with drums.

The Executive Team Awaits the Golds

  • The executives stay on stage to do the special AMPLIFY raffle.  For ordering $100 or more of product and for ordering convention tickets, Associates got their names automatically entered into this drawing.  Ten lucky Associates then have their names called as their raffle entries are pulled.  Prizes include custom Max Oggio Sports Bags, the just announced Cellgevity Sports Packs, Visible Solution Kits, and even iPads.  Two lucky winners also receive the Total Gym Home Fitness kit.
  • Joe and Sandra Camacho come out hyped and excited to share their experience with Max.  Joe wants everyone to know that the Max promotions are amazing rewards for successfully building your business.  As Joe and Sandra talk, a slideshow of all the Max sponsored getaways they’ve been on plays on the big screen.  They emphasize that they do this for their family, that’s their reason they’re able to really commit to the success of their business.  Promotions are an amazing tool for helping get yourself motivated to excel in Max, as Joe himself stated, “you do the work and you get the results.”

Joe and Sandra Camacho

  • Chris and Tammy Gingras are now on stage to share their personal story.  This is their fifth convention, fifteen years total in network marketing.  Chris is completely honest when he says that this has been the most instrumental and fruitful convention he’s attended.   They’re blown away by the success they’ve had and how their lives have turned around.  The key is that they focus on helping the people.  Chris used to be mocked by other network marketers as “The Salvation Army guy” because he was more concerned with helping other succeed than in securing his own success.  What they didn’t understand is that when you live to help and serve other people, then the income will follow.  Focus on the people instead of the profit and then the income will follow you, instead of you having to chase it.

Chris and Tammy Gingras

  • Mike Lebrun is the next speaker and he’s out to get the crowd worked up.  He wants to emphasize how we all succeed as we build as a team.   This is manifested in the Max Living Bonus, a monthly check that rewards success and can be used however you like?  A new car?  Education for your kids? Dream vacation?  Giving back to charity?  All of this can be realized through the Max Living Bonus.  Mike believes strongly in something Greg Norman told him, with Max International, the world is our oyster!

Jason helps celebrate Mike Lebrun's Birthday

  • Before Mike can get off the stage, Jason Hewlett comes back out to give him something.  It’s a present, and he informs the crowd that it’s Mike’s birthday.  The whole convention center sings Happy Birthday and Mike is visibly touched.
  • The executive team is out again to announce the winner of the Max One A Day DVD challenge.  Ronen Brown is the winner and he get his choice of an Audi A4, BMW 328i, or a Mercedes C300.  Rowan and his wife Alexandra are touched, they remark how Steve Scott continually reminds them that something always shows that God is living, they believe this moment and Max International is one of those signs.  Here’s a direct quote from Ronen:

“We were deeply touched by this surprise, and we know that this was a combination of visualization and answered prayer. We also want to say that from the first time Ronen heard Steve Scott’s vision, he caught that vision and aligned with it. We once heard Steve mentioning how many times you can see God’s hand in bringing the knowledge of Max products to those who needed them, and we believe this is a God led company and have made it a life mission for us.”

Ronen, Steve, and Alexandra

  • Alex Monterrosa is now on stage to talk about his long journey towards Diamond.  He learned how to fight for his dreams from his parents, who fled from El Salvador in 1980 in the midst of a civil war.   Alex found great success in real estate and thought he had it all – money and material wealth.  When the housing bubble burst, he lost everything and come to realize that he hadn’t been truly happy; all he had been chasing was the sense of accomplishment.  In pursuit of material gain, he lost everything that was really important, including his wife.Fortunately, God had a different plan for him.  His wife forgave him and took him back at his lowest point.  He heard about the Max International opportunity from a friend, but turned him down five different times.  Finally, he agreed to attend and fly in and what he sees there changes his life.  He realized this is what he’s here for and leaves the “coulds” and “should” behind.  Even though it means not being able to pay his power bill, he knows he MUST make this happen and puts his faith, money and trust into Max.  This is what turned things around, and now he’s able to take his wife to realize her dream and visit the Greek islands for her birthday.  Alex is explosive, he gets the crowd on their feet to claim their own dreams.  The hall erupts in chants of “This must happen!  This must happen!”  It’s an almost overwhelming experience.

Alex gets the crowd on their feet

  • Finally, Steven Scott returns to share his thoughts about the purpose of Max.  It’s not about chasing the money or the dream, it’s about loving well.  We see it with Alex Monterrosa and Chris and Tammy Gingras, we see it with Julio Rivera and Mike Lebrun.  Max is about real hope – that a well-founded, confidant belief that which is committed, promised or pursued will be achieve in a certain amount of time.  Steve is joined by his wife Shannon, who testifies that she truly feels that Max is an idea whose time has come.  This is the year that Max is reborn and she’ll be around until her last breath to support everyone that she sees as part of her family.  The Scotts leave the convention with a rousing, and sincere thank you.

This is an uplifting end to the general sessions and great finale of an amazing weekend.  The Awards Gala is the last major event schedule for the evening, and everyone files out of the hall to prepare for what’s sure to be a wonderful celebration of excellence.

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