Business Builder Club Promotion off to a strong start in August

We are just 10 days into August and already 30 associates have qualified for the Business Builder Club. Every qualifying Associate (having enrolled at least two new Associates with Business Builder Packs or Half Packs) earns an extra $50 for each Business Builder Pack and $25 for each Half Pack they place during the month. Plus, they will be entered in a prize drawing scheduled for this Saturday’s conference call.

Haven’t joined the club yet? You’ll want to work fast, since these benefits end on August 31st. And remember, the Associate who places the most packs in June, July, and August will win US$2,000! Get all promotion details here.

See who has qualified for the club already this August:

Alberto De Armas, USA
Arcenia Cabrera Chifundo, USA
Barbara Phipps, USA
Benito Arreaga, USA
Diana Stewart, AUS
Doris F Miranda Berrios, USA
DR. Hector Perez Feliciano, USA
Edgardo Javillo, CAN
En Hua Lin, NZL
Heliodoro Hernandez, USA
International Poker Players Association Inc, USA
Irma Isabel Peña Velasco, USA
Jason Arboleda, PHL
Joanna Ricard Crespo, USA
Jon L Jaque, CAN
Jorge Ricard, USA
Juan Carlos Suarez Hernandez, USA
Juan Manuel Ramirez, USA
Kathy B Taylor Yokel, USA
Laura Marin, USA
Marilyn Blanco, PHL
Max4Life Inc, USA
Rafael Jaramillo, USA
Rodolfo Lopez Nunez, USA
Ronald Patrick Hughes, NZL
Rosario O. Uy, PHL
Sandra I Cotto, USA
Sandy J. Leathem, AUS
Teresa Herrera, USA
Wan Fen Zheng, AUS
Yan Xu, NZL
Zhijing Yang, NZL
Zoila Almonte, USA 

Do you want to see who is leading the Business Builder Club Promotion so far:

24    Joanna Ricard Crespo, USA
16    Jorge Ricard, USA
12    Jackie Grossnickle, USA
8    Stella Jones, CAN
8    752287 Ontario Inc, CAN
8    Earth Star Publishing, AUS
7    Lidia Isabel, USA
7    Dr. M Buchanan, CAN
7    Mark Ernest D. Rosario, PHL
7    Jay Tomeldan, PHL
7    Sandra P Alfaro, USA
7    SuccessOne Enterprises Pty Ltd, AUS

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