Celebrating Our Associates at the U.S. Road to Diamond and October Fly-In Events

Max International continues to grow and thrive due to the hard work and passionate drive of our Associates.  We’re looking forward to highlighting this important relationship at our next two major U.S. events.

Thursday, October 4th is the start of the U.S. Road to Diamond Event.  As with all Road to Diamonds, we’re recognizing the accomplishments of those leading Associates who recently achieved Gold Rank.  We appreciate your focus and commitment to building your business and want to assist you on your journey to Diamond Rank and beyond!

Invited Associates will be staying at the Newpark Resort in Park City, UT.  Fall is a beautiful time to be in the Utah Mountains so we know this’ll be an unforgettable experience for all.

If you’re not attending the U.S. Road to Diamond Event, but would still like to have valuable one-on-one time with the Max Executive Team and leading Max Associates then do not miss our October Fly-In Event.

If you haven’t attended a Fly-In before, know that this is a great opportunity to learn more about Max’s unique products and unparalleled business opportunity.  Even if you’ve attended one before, we strongly recommend that you bring any prospective Associates along with your.  Some of our top, leading Associates signed on to Max after they had the opportunity to attend a Fly-In event.  If you have someone in mind who is interested in joining as an Associate, but still has questions about doing so, then consider Fly-Ins as the perfect chance to show them everything that Max is all about.

October’s Fly-In event promises to be a great time, as we welcome legendary Associates Alan and Jean Sickman, Chris and Tammy Gingras, George Reninger, and Chad Statham.

Early Bird Registration is still open until October 3rd, don’t miss out – register today!

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