Celebrating Success at Diamond Retreat in Maui

By Julie Vander Toolen

Last weekend, Max flew qualified Diamond Leaders from all markets to Maui, Hawaii, for the 2011 Diamond Retreat, a celebration of success, a time for fun and relaxation, and a chance to establish a unified vision for the next stage of Max’s growth.

The retreat formally kicked off Sunday evening with sweet views and sweet treats, as Diamonds and corporate executives enjoyed a dessert bar together while taking in the scenery from the Lagoon Overlook at the Grand Wailea. It was a great way to start the event.

Max provided all Diamond with fun gifts to use while in Maui and upon their return home, including an retreat-themed T-shirt, Ogio backpacks, smashing sarongs (for the ladies only, of course) and a Diamond booklet to help them get to know each other better.

Monday morning began with a glorious breakfast buffet, where everyone could mingle while again enjoying spectacular ocean views. At the retreat’s first meeting, Steve Scott gave everyone a personality profile test, revealing different personalities and the best ways to communicate with each other as well as what the different strengths of each type are.

Following the meeting, Diamonds had a free afternoon to enjoy sun and surf and see the sights. Another amazing meal followed in the evening, with some fun recognition. The best part was surprising our newest Diamonds (and there have been more than a few in recent months) with their Diamond pins and Diamond rings.

Co-CEOs Dave Bagley and Joe Voyticky led Tuesday’s training. Dave focused on the desired outcomes for the week and encouraging input from all Diamonds. Joe’s training focused on “The Art of Negotiation,” including time for Diamonds to practice these skills with each other and how they apply to building Max as a unified team.

Tuesday evening’s highlight was the annual Corporate vs. Diamonds volleyball tournament. For the second straight year, corporate pulled ahead in the final minutes. The day ended with a Movie Night, where all came together to watch Secretariat while munching on popcorn, pretzels, and Maui Chips. This is the life!

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