Dedication and Max Products Continue to Power Dave Bagley’s Winning Ways

Once again, Max Co-CEO Dave Bagley has taken first place in a local Utah bike race, largely thanks to his dedication and the performance advantage given by RiboCeine.

On June 9th, Dave entered the State Road Championship race for his racing division (Masters Cat 4-5), a challenging 48-mile circuit race in Clarkston, Utah.   This annual event is a balanced trial with a little bit of everything to help equalize the field of riders; flat stretches, rollers, a steep climb, and more.  It is a 16-mile course completed 3 times.  When asked about the most trying part of the three lap race, Dave said it was the major incline, a mile long 7-10% grade.

The steep incline was definitely the obstacle that separated the pack.  I was in second place going into the first climb up the hill, and for the second and third laps I pushed the pace up front and tried to create deeper separation in the group,” he explained.

That last climb was a hard effort, and four of us managed to break away from the rest of the pack by the time we crested the hill.  At that point it was us versus the rest of the field, as the racers behind us were working together to catch up.  We still had a ways to go, and a couple of the guys in our breakaway group started conserving their energy for the finish, with about 1 kilometer to go.  I was out front with another teammate of mine, and I decided that if the other two guys were going to draft off of my efforts, I was simply going to initiate a hard sprint to the finish and see if they could keep the pace.  Basically a declaration of ‘may the best man win.’

I initiated the sprint with about 300 to 200 meters to go, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I have to have confidence that I have trained harder than any of these guys, and this is where all the hard work pays off.’  Fortunately, that held true and I crossed the line first.”

Dave’s victory is a testament to his training regimen. “You can only perform as well as you are able to prepare,” he explained.  “Fitness is a balance between maximum effort and maximum recovery.  There is no doubt that Cellgevity and MaxATP have been crucial contributors to consistent, high-yielding workouts, and quick recoveries.”

This isn’t the first time that Dave came out ahead thanks to hard work and Max products.  Just over a year ago, Dave took first place in the 3rd Annual Powder Mountain Hillclimb.  Dave also attributed that win to hard work, commitment, and the edge provided by Max Products.  At that time he noted that “there are a lot of parallels to building a Max business and riding a race.  Sometimes the difference between winning and not winning is basically how bad you want something and how deep you are willing to dig to get it.”

That’s great advice from someone who has consistently shown to be a winner.
Congratulations to Dave from everyone at Max!

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