Feb. 26 Conf. Call, Feb. 12 & 19 Call Recordings

Guests: Dr Louis Valdez and Barry Edwards, Diamond Associate. The call is hosted by Eric Rondeau.

When: Saturday, Feb. 26, 10:00 a.m. MST

To participate: 760-569-7676 with PIN 167293#.

More About This Week’s Participants
Dr. Valdez received his medical education in Cuba, where he was an ear, nose and throat doctor for the last 16 year. He is a board certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. He is a Gold Associate and will be talking about nutrition and why he recommends Max products to his patients. Hear Dr. Valdez’s story and dedication to Max International.

Barry Edwards is married to Joanne and they have three daughters and four grandchildren. Barry was a brick mason and construction superintendent but had to retire after 13 surgeries. Alan Sickman introduced Barry to the Max opportunity and after 18 months Barry and Joanne decided to try the product. Together they have reached the diamond level in only 90 days. Barry will discuss Visible Solutions and his involvement with the trials of the product and how he is using the new skin care to build his Max business.

Previous Calls

The call on Feb. 12 featured Dr. Louis Cady (Listen) and Double Diamond Carl Stanitzky (Listen).

The call on Feb. 19 featured Dr. John Kindle (Listen) and Diamond Kim Surra (Listen).

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