First Meeting In Bogotá Continues Colombian Success

Hello again all Max Associates!  Bob Kaelin here with another update from Colombia.  Today is Wednesday Feb 15th, a beautiful day in Bogotá and I can’t think of a better place to be for our last full meeting in this amazing country.

Last night, over 325 Max Associates and guests were in attendance for the Colombia launch in Bogotá.   It was a great event thanks in part to our excited and motivated speakers.

- Julio Rivera, our Triple Diamond Associate, presented Max International, the company, products and business opportunity to everyone.
- Dan Riordan enthusiastically introduced himself and his team at the Colombia Max office and distribution center.
- President Jim Stevralia spoke about leadership and how impressed he is with all the leaders in attendance and then talked about his excitement for the future of Max International with the opening of Colombia.
- For my part, I focused on the potential for touching people’s lives with the Max products and business opportunities.  Finally, I felt compelled to speak about how we’re all working to plant seeds of hope and friendship as we joined together in the Max family.

This morning Jim, Dan and I met with our 6 Diamond Leaders that attended and spoke at all the events in Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali, and now in Bogotá.  We discussed future events in Colombia and how best to follow up the excitement and enthusiasm that over 1,000 people have felt during the Colombia launch meetings. Great events were discussed and all agreed that the opportunities in Colombia are so bright.

I hope that you’ll all agree with us that, as successful as these first meetings have been, many more lives will soon be touched and changed for the better.

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