Florida Lightning Tour Update

The Max Motor Coach continues to travel across the sunny state of Florida, bringing exclusive presentations, in-depth training sessions, and exciting updates about Max to our Southern Associates.

Florida SkyWay Bridge

Traveling Along the Skyway Bridge

Here’s a recent update from Tom Vaughn of the Greg Norman Alliance:

“We arrived in Orlando where we met Craig Melton and then spent four hours in a board room brainstorming and developing our presentations and training.  When we were ready, the team presented the new Max business system model to over 30 Max associates and guests.  We were pleased to note that there were over five diamonds in the room.

Wednesday started off with meeting associates in the lobby of the hotel, followed by a leadership lunch at the country club and a return to presentation and training development.

Max leaders and guests are gathering together Wednesday night at 7:45 for some more Max exposure and fast track training that will deliver the message about how to best achieve the double fast track bonuses and drive volume.”

Now is the perfect time for you and your prospects to connect with top leaders to learn the most effective strategies to build your Max business.  Contact your local leaders TODAY to set up one-on-ones, group gatherings, and local introductions to make the most of this amazing opportunity.  There’s no better time to get things started in the Florida market, get your prospects involved and make it happen now!

Team Colbert

"Team Colbert"

Here’s the remaining date  and locations for the rest of the week.

Thursday 3/21
6120 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida 32217
Open venue all day, Opportunity Meeting starts at 7:00 pm
The Jacksonville stop will feature The Greg Norman Alliance, Triple Diamond George Reninger, Mad Man DJ Dale, and more Top Leaders for a full day of presentations and training.  Don’t miss out on the latest exciting information on our Build to AMPLIFY event or all the surprises and fun at this location.

Friday 3/23
Pit Stop BBQ on 1112 8th W St., Tifton Georgia
For the final stop of the Lighting Tour contact your leaders for one-on-one meetings, the main Opportunity Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.  This is your final chance to receive exclusive training and details on our build to Amplify event. Come for the business experience and networking, stay for the surprises and amazing barbeque!

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