Friday’s First General Session AMPLIFY’S the Purpose of Max, Ends with New Reveals!

AMPLIFY 2012 has begun!

The wait is over and AMPLIFY 2012 started in full this morning as Max welcomed Associates from all over the world.  Attendees were greeted by the AMPLIFY Welcome video teasing all the great news and reveals to come.  Immediately after the video ended, the lights revealed Co-CEOs Dave Bagley and Joe Voyticky on stage, busting a move in rhythm to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.”  They were soon joined by an explosive flash mob carrying colored lights that whipped the crowd up into a frenzy.  What a way to get psyched up!

The Max flash mob has a good feeling

Then came the recognition of all the countries of Max, featuring a parade of flags from Colombia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Canada, Puerto Rico, and then finally the United States.  Young Sabrina Haskett then came onstage to sing a stirring rendition of the US National anthem.

Our MCs for the session were Australians Marcus Shubert and Michael Firth.  They kept the crowed warmed up with great banter and an explosive t-shirt cannon!

We’ll be doing a full breakdown and review of all the great speeches and presentations early next week, but for now here’s an overview of how the first general session went.

-          Joe Voyticky talked about his experience growing up in Brooklyn and getting into Harvard Law School.  What he realized then was that hard work was necessary to achieve anything worthwhile.  Now, as part of Max, he sees that it’s the people we work with, our team, that allows us to make our dreams come true.  Let’s seize this amazing opportunity and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Joe Voyticky

-          Dave Bagley told a moving tale about the hardships of his grandfather and mother, who were trapped in a cycle of poor opportunity, poor health, and low self-esteem.  It was his mother’s determination that allowed him and his family to break that cycle and transcend what had become normal.  Today, we’re all faced with accepting poor economic opportunities and bad health as a way of life.  At Max, we reject that complacency and are determined to transcend this supposed normal way of life.  This is our calling as difference makers and solutionists.

Dave Bagley shares his family's story

-          Rhonda Dasher, a Gold Associate from Georgia, told her story about being introduced to the  Max products and the difference it has made in her life.     For Rhonda, it’s all about the products and the positive change they can make in people’s lives.  Profits come after everything else, because she know that if that’s all she focuses on, then the meaning and purpose won’t be the same.  She’s so determined to help that she and her sister took Max products to the Pentagon as a way of sharing these breakthroughs with those who need it most, the people who give everything to keep us all safe.

Rhonda Dasher

-          Marcus and Michael brought the Max Executive team on stage so they could recognize all the Bronze Associates in attendance.  Everyone filed on stage and gave their name and city and country.  What a great way to credit these hard working Associates.

Honoring the Bronze Associates

-          Steven Scott then welcomed our keynote speaker – Michael Smalley.  Michael was standing in for his father, Gary Smalley, who was home and recovering.  Michael more than made up for this father’s absence with colorful stories about his personal experiences and a moving call to action for us all to love well.  His recommendations for us to achieve this most important of life secrets was to 1) Learn how to listen 2) Appreciate differences and 3) Be a servant for everyone in your life.  Only when we can commit to these things can we truly begin to love well, and only then are we able to AMPLIFY all the good things in our lives.

Keynote Speaker, Michael Smalley

Steven Scott and Michael Smalley

-          Dave Bagley came back on stage and brought with him the reveal of the NEW MAX.  Here’s a breakdown of the big changes that are coming:

  • Our new colors.  We’ve left the old red behind and have embraced a cool blue color that’s unique to Max.  This “seven mile blue” is a dynamic hue that brings nuanced meaning and purpose.
  • A new starter kit.  This amazing resource comes with DVDs, new product brochures, a flash drive with great content, our new flip chart, and a binder that contains our redesigned Action Plan, Compensation Plan, and Product Sheets.  All of this still at the great price of $49
  • A newly redesigned website featuring streamlined content and a fresh new look.
  • Completely new architecture for the back office that’ll give all Associates more details, more information, and more power over managing their business.
  • Finally, direct pay was announced to be coming in June of this year.

Dave unveils the new starter kit

All of these amazing things are in the final stages of development and will be coming soon.  The new website is scheduled to go live by next week.  A full and complete outline of the release of all these new materials and tools for all markets will be posted in the first week of May.

-          Finally, the session ended when VP of Sales Bob Kaelin and Eric Anderson welcomed our top 20 Amplify Associates on stage for their recognition.

All of this just in the first few hours of convention!  Stay tuned for more exciting updates as AMPLIFY continues through the weekend!

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