Gain product and business insights from today’s conference call

Today’s conference call featured Dr. John Kindle (listen) and Brenda Bridgforth (listen).

Dr. Kindle spoke about his experience with cancer and losing a kidney and how he turned to supplements to help him regain his health and energy. He discussed vitamins and minerals and the role glutathione plays in living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kindle also discussed diet and exercise and how we must take control of the food choices we make. He discussed obesity, especially in our children, and that the decisions we make about our diet will have long-term consequences. Dr. Kindle explained why he takes all the Max products and why he recommends them to his patients.

Brenda Bridgforth discussed why she joined Max and how she shares the Max products and business opportunity. She explained why she takes the Max products and gives them to her daughter who is training to be a professional athlete. Brenda told a story of a Max Associate who overheard a woman in a doctor’s office. The Associate handed her the business card of an upline Associate and told her she needed to call this person. A simple invitation to talk with someone who may be able to help.

Please listen to this great call!

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