General Session 2 Keeps the Momentum With Stirring Testimonials, Expert Presentations, and More Announcements!


Once again, here’s a brief recap of all the highlights of this session.  Look for more in-depth reviews and coverage next week.  Our new MC for this session is the talented Jason Hewlett.  Jason gets things started with some amazing musical impressions, including Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder.

Jason Hewlett entertains the crowd

  • Our first speaker is Larry Chamberlin.  33 years ago, Larry’s car broke down and he was stuck in a snow storm on his way to his military assignment.  Having to walk a mile and a half in the snow for help, Larry was rushed to the military hospital by ambulance, where he was diagnosed with 3rd degree frostbite.  Ever since then, he’s lived without his feet and in constant pain and discomfort.  Once on Cellgevity, he was able to live without pain for the first time.  Truly, an inspiring story.

Larry Chamberlin shares his story

  • Double Diamond Associate and renown doctor Don Colbert came on next, welcoming all the Spanish speaker and Latinos in their native language.  Dr. Colbert’s presentation was a master-class in the importance and benefits of glutathione.  Emphasizing the life changing power of glutathione, this was an amazing educational experience for everyone.

Dr. Colbert details the power of glutathione

  • As a follow-up, we had a special appearance by Dr. Herb Nagasawa, Dr. Scott Nagasawa, and Scott Momii.  These three pillars of the Max research team then gave an in-depth presentation on the development and creation of RiboCeine.
    • Scott Nagasawa went over the uncontested superiority of RiboCeine compared to other glutathione supplements on the market.
    • Scott Momii detailed all the elements of Cellgevity and what makes it Max’s premiere product.
    • Herb Nagasawa then shared his dream and his vision of how everyone can bring his product to the world to help benefit the most people.

Scott Nagasawa discusses RiboCeine, with Dr. Herb Nagasawa and Scott Momii

  • Jason Hewlett then came back out to keep the crown hyped up with more expert impressions.  He really showed his range with everything from Chubby Checker to the Chipmunks.
  • The next panel was a real treat and featured Dave Bagley, Steve Scott, Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Doug Harrington.  This was a unique opportunity to get these great minds together to discuss the science and revolutionary aspects of glutathione and all of Max Products.  Dr. Harrington in particular noted how the efficacy of the products overcame his own natural skepticism.

Dave Bagley, Steve Scott, Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Doug Harrington

  • At this point in the session we took the time to recognize all of our Silver Associates.  Once again our executive team took the stage to thank and congratulate everyone of them as they introduced themselves and their home country.

Recognizing the Silvers

  • Dave Bagley and Max President Jim Stevralia came out to introduce an exciting new member of the Max Team, Bruce Mathison.  The audience was treated to a video highlight of Bruce’s NFL career, he then came out and got the crowd HYPED.  This is a man who really, truly believes in the power of Max products and the potential that his company has.  Bruce is the host of the Max Athlete’s call, every Tuesday night at 10:00 EST.

Bruce Mathison with Dave Bagley and Jim Stevralia

  • Joe Voyticky was proud to host a panel of some Associate Super-Stars: Craig Melton, Elizabeth Harrington, Julio Rivera, Jerry Bogus, and Ricardo Monterossa.  Each Associate shared their thoughts about what it takes to truly build a Max business and what are the best ways people can recruit.

Panel of All-star Associates

  • Steve Scott welcomed Madison Lindsay and two guests, Ashley Miller and Deb Arbogast.   Maddie was the lead for a special project aimed at getting Visible Solutions out to more people.  Even people who aren’t comfortable with network marketing or who have never done it before are able to share in the product and get more people interested in it.  This inventive new model involves “Escape,” which is getting someone to host a product party in their home.  “Expo” which involved doing demonstrations at large expositions.  Finally, partnering with major retailers, like Ann Taylor, to demonstrate products at well-known retail stores.

Madison Lindsay, Ashley Miller, and Deb Arbogast discuss Visual Solutions

  • Jason Hewlett kept the crowd engaged with a little history about how he became interested in performing.  Everyone was given a PeeWee Herman and Jack Nicholson impression, followed by more songs by the BeeGees, Lou Rawls, and Rod Stewart.
  • Max Executive masters of IT, Brant Snow and Jeff Hanson took the stage to preview the innovative new Back Office for Associates.  They were joined by Chad Stathem, and together they demonstrated the great new usability and intuitive nature of the upcoming Back Office.  Look for further updates on this blog for when this exciting new program will be available to all Associates.

Jeff Hanson, Brant Snow, and Chad Stathem preview the new Virtual Office

  • Jim Stevralia welcomed DJ Daly, George Reninger, and Hector Marcano to a panel with him to discuss the nuances of teamwork.  George talked about how important “tuning” is, getting in touch with everyone on your team to make sure they’re all on the same page.  Hector emphasized the need to build good relationships with your team to build up trust.  Finally, DJ detailed some important steps in giving presentations and how vital it is remember that that people come before profit.

Hector Marcano shows off his Action Plan, with DJ Daley and George Reninger

  • The session ended with the newest Diamond Associates, Richard and Tina Markham, appearing on stage to thank everyone for coming to convention, reminisce about their experience at previous conventions, and make the breaking announcement for next year’s conventions.  Get hyped for Accelerate 2013 September 6 – 8!  Starting Monday there’ll early bird online registration for $69 individual tickets and $119 couples tickets.

Richard and Tina Markham

The first full day of AMPLIFY 2012 certainly lived up to its name.  Be sure to check into tomorrow for more updates live from the Salt Palace.  Don’t forget to come back all next week for in-depth looks at select AMPLIFY presentations and details on all the upcoming new tools and features of Max!

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