Hd & Nitz Yco Achieve First Double Diamond in Asia, Max Philippines Establishes New Record in Spite of Recent Calamities

Congratulations to Hd & Nitz Yco for achieving the rank of Double Diamond! Their hard work over the last month has been remarkable, as has the work of all our other Philippines Associates who’ve been building their businesses in the face of a national disaster.

Ed and Nitz express their thanks during their recognition

Hd and his group were able to accomplish great things in the midst of a series of calamities that hit the Philippines during the last week of July.   Several typhoons have battered Metro Manila as well as key provincial areas with high winds, heavy rains, and dangerous flood levels.  In Metro Manila alone, school classes were suspended from July 30 to August 1 because of the flooding across the city.  Despite these hardships, about 500 Leaders and Associates from Metro Manila and the Luzon region braved the rains to attend a Leadership Training Meeting and Celebration.

Scenes of the devastating flooding in the Philippines

In achieving Double Diamond Rank, Hd & Nitz Yco are the first to do so in Asia.  This is a monumental landmark for Max Philippines and promises to be the start of even greater things in the future.   In the process of achieving Double Diamond, Hd & Nitz were able to promote a new Platinum (Dan & April Yalung), three Golds (Conrad & Del Yalung, Bernard Villalobos, Dennis & Vivian Soriano) as well as thirteen Silvers and twenty-one Bronzes during the month of July. What is truly amazing is that in the midst of the current calamity, Hd continued to work with and coordinate the activities of his leaders in the various provincial areas.

Through all the adversity, Max Philippines was able to establish a new sales record in July 2012 and earned the distinction of being the country with the most number of Qualified Associates in the recently concluded 90-day challenge with 25 Qualifiers!

Here are some highlights of the brave work done by our Associates and the difficult conditions they faced.

Platinum Bernie Yalung was stranded in Baguio City while supporting his leaders in the area. The typhoon caused the closing of offices and schools in the city and the major road going in and out of Baguio was closed as well. In spite of this, he was able to re-qualify as Platinum and was able to support one of his business builders to advance to Gold rank during the month.

Dan Yalung’s area was not spared any of the devastation.  In spite of the flooding, Dan continued to work with his leaders in the field even if his travels meant not being able to go home for 5 days. His perseverance paid off, as he achieved Platinum rank during the month.

Bernard Villalobos

Bernard Villalobos was working on his Gold rank advancement in the Visayas region and was on the way back to Manila from Bacolod via boat on Sunday, July 29 when the typhoon struck.  The commercial ship he was riding (with a capacity of about 500 passengers) was supposed to arrive in Manila on July 30, Monday.  Because of the typhoon, the ship could not dock and was in the middle of the sea for an extra 3 days, finally arriving in Manila on Thursday, August 2.

Bernard narrated his harrowing experience on the ship with the strong waves rocking the boat, no islands in sight, and the sky pitch dark because of the typhoon. He could hear the plates in the ship’s restaurant shattering as they fell and parts of the boat being damaged because of the strong winds. Throughout these harrowing three extra days he spent on the sea, Bernard continued to be in touch with his downlines in his efforts to achieve his Gold rank qualification, making the effort to send emails to his group whenever there was an available phone signal.  He was even able to share Max products with three new acquaintances he met during the ordeal at sea!  After all the adversity, Bernard finally reached the shores of Manila on August 2, promptly went straight to the Max office and was able to complete his Gold requirements.

These inspiring stories exemplify the dedication and commitment of these Philippine leaders to the Max business. You will find no better examples of leader support and teamwork at its very best.

Everyone in Max salute these leaders for their fortitude and diligence in achieving their goals in the face of adversity.

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