How Visible Solutions is Changing the Face of My Max Business

StacyChapman How Visible Solutions is Changing the Face of My Max BusinessBy Stacy Chapman
Gold Associate Leader

Products touting mysterious-sounding ingredients and promising dreams of beautiful skin are coming out of the woodwork these days. The Internet has opened up more markets and potential users. Medi-Spas and skin care-only businesses are popping up across the U.S. It’s difficult wading through the info to find a trusted source for quality skincare, especially when unrealistic results are being offered.

This is what has been so refreshing about Max’s Visible Solutions™ Skin Care System. In all of my years of using the very best skin care I could get my hands on (always looking for the “Holy Grail” to turn back the clock), Visible Solutions has been a surprise, and then a delight to experiment with. I have become an avid fan.

The reason is the way your skin feels after the very first time you use it, and then to be able to quantify the results in days and weeks… not months, or even years. It’s fun to see someone’s face as they experience One Minute Wonder™. They can see, and feel, the softness and smoothness right away, and also experience the softening of lines and wrinkles in literally 60 seconds.

Watching their reaction after they add the Youth Recovery Serum™, the Skin Brightening Mousse™, Replenishing Cream™ and Eye Rescue™ is like nothing I’ve seen with other skin care. Most serums and creams either soak in, and you don’t feel any difference, or it leaves a film that makes your makeup slide around and doesn’t stay put. Visible Solutions leaves an incredible, moist feeling on your face that seems to come naturally from the inside. It lasts for hours while giving the skin a beautiful glow, not a greasy shine.

Every person I know wants quick results and Visible Solutions doesn’t disappoint. It’s easy to do a half-the-face demo. The person will want to purchase the kit so they can take it home and do the other side of their face. When you talk to them just a few days into using the system, you can hear the disbelief in their voice that they can actually see a difference so quickly!  I just love it when they take pictures so they can show their friends and family. They love having the person point out the lifting of their eyes, reduction in lines and wrinkles and an overall tightening of the face.

I can see how this will have a trickle-down effect for all of our teams. Excited Associates will be calling their team members who haven’t been building in a while, to share how easy it is to use Visible Solutions to grow their businesses. I have a feeling the new excitement created, and the positive results, will bring many Associates back into the fold and regenerate the excitement they had when first introduced to Max.

I look forward to seeing more before-and-after photos and reading the remarkable testimonials. I’ve never seen so many who are confident about taking before-and-after photos with a new product line, and that speaks volumes about our new skin care system.

Keep up the great work everyone!

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