Howard Dell has world class performance at World Transplant Games

Well my final day of competition proved to be very interesting. I get up really early and my hamstring is very sore. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve either pulled or torn it. My day starts as it always does with my cocktail of MaxOne™ and MaxATP™ followed by breakfast about 30 minutes later. I go to the track early to see if it will be physically possible to run the 200 meters. That question is quickly answered after my first stride, which is far too painful—pretty disappointing considering this is my best event, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

So I have to focus my energy on the Discus and Javelin, which happen one right after the other. This is good because I won’t have to warm up between them as I would have to do if there were a long wait between them.

First up is the Discus. Such a technical event requires a lot of explosive energy and focus. After some practice throws my hamstring isn’t bothered, which is great. I get another MaxATP in before the competition begins. The world record is easily in reach but I’m not sure how good the competition is. Quite good, it turns out. Three competitors have already broken the world record before my turn. My throw is equal to the mark of the second place guy. I’m not really happy about that, but fortunately I have three more throws. In round three I hit a throw more indicative of a Max Man. I throw 22 feet beyond my closest competition. It’s a new World Transplant Game record and world record.

Now onto the Javelin. I have about 30 minutes before this competition starts and I take another MaxATP. It becomes apparent this event will hurt the hamstring a lot because it involves a ten meter run in the final stage before the throw. Then I plant my front leg to help pull me forward, like a pitcher on a mound. I don’t take any practice throws because I want to save my energy for the real thing. My first throw is horrible and hurts. Like the Discus, the competition is tough—some big throwers. Eight people before me have bested the former world record.

The good thing is I am last to throw so I know precisely how far I need to throw the javelin in order to win. It comes down to my last throw. There is a German thrower who is 3 inches (8 cm) ahead of me for the Gold Medal. I haven’t hit a really big throw yet, at least not one worthy of a Max Man. It has been raining during the competition, making everything way more difficult with a slippery runway and slippery grip on the javelin. I know it’s going to hurt. I take a full run up and unleash a throw 16 feet further than the German thrower, setting a new World Transplant record and a new world record.

With the competition at a close for me I have four medals, three Gold and one Silver, three World Transplant Games records and three world records. Without MaxOne and MaxATP, I was a U.S. Champion. With MaxOne and MaxATP, I am a triple world champion and world record holder!! Thank you Max International! You have truly the most significant nutritional products I will see in my lifetime. Now it’s time to go celebrate. God bless Max!!

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