Hulkamania Meets Max International

Reported by Max Associates Jeremy Jackson and Dale Scheerhoorn

Nick Wyman, President of Championship Wrestling International and a Max Associate, hosted a large charity event on Saturday, May 14th, called “Brawl at the Bush II” in Brantford Ontario. Nick, the former Canadian Pro-Wrestler named “NITRO,” had his biggest dream come true by having HULKAMAINA run wild at the Brantford Civic Center, while more than 4,000 screaming fans witnessed history in the making!

Fans watched more than 10 other superstars wrestle in the ring that evening, with Max logos and graphics clearly displayed all over the ring.  No one went home without seeing, even if only subliminally, the pictures of Max breakthrough products along with phrases like “Train Harder – Recover Faster” and “Protect Your Body” on the side aprons, and the Max International logo prominently printed on each of the three corner buckles. Wrestlers were literally bashing their faces all night long on these buckles with Max International logos.

CWI and Max international have teamed up to bring the best wrestling shows all across Canada, and raise awareness of the products and opportunity that this outstanding company offers. This weekend was no doubt one of the most memorable for us, as we hung out with TNA’s Hulk Hogan and other pro-wrestlers behind the scenes, and provided them all with MaxGXL® Intro Packs and Max ATP™ before the evening program began.  We even had the honor of working out at the gym on Saturday morning with many of these VIPs, including Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan.

Following the big event that evening, we and a few of our Max friends, along with Carol Ford, VP Max Canada, had the pleasure of joining Hulk, Brooke and the pro-wrestlers for an exclusive VIP After-Party at a local club, where Brooke Hogan performed a couple of numbers for us.  This truly was a day beyond anything we could have imagined!

Special thanks to our Max direct upline leaders and everyone who helped with the planning, traveling and three-way calls to make this event a success. It certainly paid off when the wrestlers put us in head locks and put us in choke holds for pictures. We loved their excitement to try the Max products. To witness such stage names as Tatanka, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, The Nasty Boys, Xpac, Bushwacker and many more was surreal to say the least. Imagine almost forgetting your childhood heroes on TV, and then when you’re all grown up, meeting them in real life. Not only meeting them but enjoying lunch and socializing like we were old friends. We were sitting around a table listening to how these professionals started their careers and how the wrestling industry evolved. Several of the wrestlers explained how their body demands great energy and stamina, because they are in the ring every day.

We had many Max associates attending this event including the Vice President of Max Canada, Carol Ford. We were all sitting front row and in the VIP section, and witnessed what the wrestlers put their bodies through every time they climb into the ring. This gave us a new appreciation for these athletes and the physical demands it requires to be a top wrestling superstar. Every time the announcer mentioned that Max was the main sponsor of this wrestling event, you could see the smiles and feel the sheer energy shared amongst all the Associates as we cheered for all to hear.

When HULK HOGAN’s original theme song shook the building near the end of the event, the place went wild.  Not a single soul was sitting in their seats. We felt it in our hearts. This is the man that paved the way for every wrestler in the business for the last 20 plus years.  He wasn’t in the ring for more than a minute before he ripped his shirt off his chest in that well-known trademark way, as the other wrestlers scattered for their lives. When HULK was done cleaning house, he stopped to do his famous flex poses.  The HULKSTER had all four sections of the crowd competing as to who would be the loudest, as he went to every side of the ring doing his famous hand behind the ear, indicating “I can’t hear you.” YES….. we were two young men reliving our childhood memories.  What a blast!  Thank you Max for making this event possible and so memorable!

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