Inviting People to Discover Max Has Never Been Easier Thanks to The Doctors’ Choice

One of the fundamental aspects of growing your Max business is inviting people to understand our science, try our products, and join us in the business.  Recently, we released The Doctors’ Choice audio recordings where Max International Founder, Steven K. Scott interviews Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Douglas Harrington about the importance of glutathione and the amazing breakthroughs that Max’s products provide.

This audio will soon be available in the new Max Starter kit, but rather than waiting for release we have posted the complete audio online at for free streaming and downloading.  The information is so interesting and informative that we believe it will help you effortlessly invite contacts to want to know more about Max.  The question you may have is how to effectively invite people to listen to these great audio clips.

Here’s how this new marketing resource can help you grow your business.

First, understand that you don’t have to be the expert on glutathione.  You’re simply sharing with your contacts what the experts know.  You can choose to share the entire 53 minute conversation, or choose a smaller, more specific audio segment.

When you want to inform your contacts about what glutathione is and why it is important, or demonstrate the effectiveness of products like Cellgevity and MaxATP, you’ll want to send them an email with a link to the audio page and give them the track number they should listen to.  Simply copy this web address – – into a text or email and let them know which segment they should listen to.

Here’s a list of segments and the conditions where you can get someone’s interest in listening to them:

Track #1          Glutathione – How to Make More of Your Body’s “Miracle Molecule.

What is glutathione?  Most people have probably never heard of it.  For anyone you meet who’s experiencing fatigue, loss of focus, exhaustion, or reduced performance in their activities you should educate them by pointing to this specific segment.  Its information that will change their lives.

Track #2          RiboCeine™ – The Glutathione Breakthrough

If they’re familiar with glutathione and its benefits, then you’ll want to point them to this segment which details RiboCeine, the breakthrough compound that is revolutionizing glutathione enhancement.  Or, if you are talking with a skeptic who wants to know the science supporting our company, let them listen to two former skeptics as they discuss Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa’s profound research.

Track #3          Cellgevity™-Feel Better, Live Younger and Perform Stronger…Now!

The culmination of all of our research and understanding of preventative medicine has resulted in Cellgevity.  If your friends are looking for one product that will directly impact their quality of life, this segment explains how we will benefit from using Cellgevity.

Track #4          Toxic Impact and its Depletion of Glutathione

Any doubt that we are living in a toxic world that is negatively impacting our health is dispelled in this segment.  Point your prospect here so they can hear for themselves how serious this problem really is.

Track #5          The Cardiac Dangers of Inflammation.

Inflammation is one of health’s biggest dangers, but most of us are unaware of it.  Anyone concerned about the health of their heart and cardiovascular system needs to hear how the power of glutathione can assist in the reduction of cellular inflammation.

Track #6          True Energy

So many of us are feeling tired and run down.  Those who are concerned about their levels of energy need to hear about how their lack of glutathione could be affecting their levels of energy.

Track #7          Obesity Bio-Markers

How much of a health risk is created by obesity and how many of us are at risk?  The answers lie in this important segment.

Track #8          Weight Loss Thanks to Increased Energy

Is it possible to lose weight just because we have more energy and feel better? These doctors think so, and explain how.

Track #9          How MaxATP Outperforms Energy Drinks

The fastest growing segment of the beverage industry is energy drinks, but what do they do to give you that spike?  Also, exactly how does their caffeine, sugar, and vitamin combinations impact health and well-being?  The answer may alarm you, and so might the alternative.  Hear about how MaxATP enhances performance without the side-effects of energy drinks.

As you go through your day you will hear many people talk about health issues from soreness to lack of sleep.  Pointing them to this information not only introduces them to the importance of glutathione, it opens a connection with your Max business.

You simply say.  “You should listen to what these doctors say about how raising your glutathione levels can help with those problems.”

The next step, once you share the audio, is to follow up until they seek a product experience.  It’s up to you to promote Max and encourage your prospects to have their own personal, product experience.

Introducing Max and the power of glutathione into other people’s lives really is getting easier!

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