iPad, Watches or Cash! The New Max 90 Day Recruiting and Team Building Challenge – Now You Choose the Reward

The first Max 90 Recruiting Challenge has ended and so many Associates achieved so much success that we’ve decided to keep the momentum going.  Only now, there’s a whole lot more.   More ways to be rewarded for building your business and more rewards to choose from!

Qualifying Associates may now choose to receive one of the following rewards:

1-      The all-new, third generation Apple iPad.  This top-of-the-line tablet features a breakthrough retina display and up to 4G LTE wireless technology that will ensure that you can present your Max business in style and ease.  Show the power of your Max business with documents, powerpoints, videos, audio, and more.

2-       $500 USD cash!  Sometimes the best reward for your efforts is cold, hard cash.  The great thing about the power of cash is that you can apply it to whatever you want!

3-       Men’s or Women’s Movado Bold wristwatches. These precision timepieces are stylish symbols of your success at Max.  Winning this watch is a powerful and constant reminder to yourself and others that Max represents a powerful future and a higher quality of life.

Just as before, to qualify for one of the above rewards, Associates must generate at least 4,000 CV through new, personally enrolled Associates within 90 days starting August 1st.  This CV can be generated by enrollment packs, AutoShip, or any other orders placed by new, personally enrolled Associates.  The new Associates must be enrolled during the promotion period and the 90 day accumulated CV must be generated before the end of the promotion, midnight on October 31st.

Now, we’re also rewarding our partners for “re-introducing” the new vision and excitement of Max to existing Associates.  The CV generated through the purchase of a Premiere or Professional Pack during the 90 Promotion by any Associate enrolled prior to August 1, 2012 will count towards the 4,000 point qualification requirement.

Top performers earn more!  The Associate who generates the most qualifying CV for this challenge will earn an extra $1,000 USD!  The second and third top performers will receive $750 USD and $500 USD.

New Team-Building Challenge! We recognize that a major part of the success of your Max business is a direct result of how you help and inspire other Associates to follow in your footsteps.  To this end, we are proud to announce the details of the Team Building component of this 90 Day Challenge.  Mentor two personally-sponsored Associates who win the 90-Day Recruiting Challenge and you will win the Team-Building Challenge and receive your choice of the iPad, $500 USD, or either Movado watch.

This means it’s possible to be rewarded TWICE for this 90 Day Challenge.  If you generate 4,000 CV through new enrollments or Premier and Professional Pack upgrades by existing Associates AND sponsor two other Associates who do the same, you get to make two selections from the available rewards.  You can even select the same reward for both the Recruiting and Team-Building challenges!

Continue to check for updates on the Max blog and the new corporate website at max.com/promotions.  The next Max 90 Recruiting challenge has started, are you ready to be rewarded for your success?

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