July Business Builder Club Qualifiers

Congratulations to the qualifiers of the July Business Builder Club! As in June, you qualify by bringing at least two new Associates into Max with a Business Builder Pack or Half Pack. In addition to membership in the club, you’ll then earn an extra $50 for each Business Builder Pack and $25 for each Half Pack you place during the month. You will also qualify to be in the next prize drawing, in early August.

Remember, the Associate who places the most packs in June, July, and August will win US$2,000! Get all promotion details here.

  1. Alfaro, Sandra P
  2. Centronaturistaguaynabo
  3. Clark, Matt E
  4. Earth Star Publishing
  5. Enterprises Pty Ltd, SuccessOne
  6. Galvez de Florez, Gloria
  7. Genova, Cerela
  8. Jamoco Angel, Francisco
  9. Landicho, Lyn
  10. Lopez RodrĂ­guez, Fernando
  11. M Buchanan, Dr.
  13. Reed, Raymond
  14. Revuelta, Ma. Dulce C.
  15. Reyes, Guadalupe
  16. Ricard, Jorge
  17. Rosado, Jaime E Velez
  18. Sims, Lynette
  19. Swope, Sean

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