March 17 Weekly Conference Call

Join us on Saturday, March 17th for our weekly Max International conference call as we welcome Dr.Charles Mabray and Platinum Associate Scott Redder.

Dr. Mabray is an OBGYN MD who has been serving his patients for almost 40 years. He will be speaking about glutathione and its importance in helping the body absorb nutrients and maintain its hormonal balance. Hear why vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and why he recommends Max N’Fuze to his patients.

Platinum Scott Redder joined Max International in February 2007 and will be discussing how he has built his Max business in a small town in Idaho. Hear how follow-up and 3-way calls can better build your Max business. Scott will also share his story as a marathon runner and how Max products have helped him in his endeavors to improve and lower his times.

Join Vice President of Sales Eric Anderson and these great guests at 10:00 A.M. Mountain Time, 12 noon Eastern Time.  Remember to invite your prospects to call in with you as well!

Remember to call our NEW number at 712-432-9606
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