March 24th Weekly Conference Call

Join us on Saturday, March 24th for our weekly Max International conference call as we welcome Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Diamond Associate Jonathan Inesta.

Dr. Rodriguez is a M.D. and a pulmonary specialist who will be speaking about the importance of glutathione and its function in helping to repair our cells and eliminate toxins that our body stores. He will also discuss how increasing cellular glutathione can help with people who have breathing issues.

Jonathan Inesta is a Diamond in Puerto Rico who has long been a successful entrepreneur and now is a great Max leader.  Jonathan will discuss and give advice on how to get started in building your own Max business.  Hear how Puerto Rico has become one of the leading Max markets and how our products and opportunity are helping so many people in Puerto Rico, and now in Colombia, to find health and wealth.

Join Vice President of Sales Bob Kaelin and these great guests at 10:00 am Mountain Time, 12 noon Eastern Time.  Remember to invite your prospects to call in with you as well!

Remember to call our NEW number at 712-432-9606

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