Max 90 Recruitment Challenge Update: 1/3 of the Way Through

The month of May is over and we’re now a third of the way through Max’s 90 Day Recruitment Challenge.

We want to celebrate these bold Associates who have qualified for this promotion.   There are currently six Associates who have generated the required 4,000 CV through new, personally enrolled Associates to earn their own men’s or women’s Movado Bold wristwatch.

Congratulations to Osvaldo Ortiz, Hector Feliciano, Elma Gaspili, Jose Kercado, Jianmei Sun, and Francis Teruel for earning these stylish symbols of their success.  There are several other Associates who are very close to reaching the 4,000 CV needed to earn their own watches, keep up the amazing work!

Remember, the CV for this Challenge can be generated by enrollment packs, AutoShip, or any other orders placed by new, personally enrolled Associates.  The new Associates must be enrolled during the promotion period and the 90 day accumulated CV must be generated before the end of the promotion, midnight on July 31st.

Continue to check for updates on the Max blog and the new corporate website at The challenge has started, the clock is ticking; are you bold enough to meet the Max 90 Recruitment Challenge?

Ortiz, Osvaldo A USA 18590
Perez Feliciano, Dr. Hector USA 4979
Gaspili, Elma PHL 4600
Kercado, Jose USA 4279
Sun, Jianmei NZL 4200
Teruel, Francis Adrian V. PHL 4119
Li, Shao Wei NZL 3500
Legault, Sylvain CAN 3100
De Leon, Christopher Boy PHL 2869
Rodriguez Garcia, Maria Del Rosario USA 2850
Lee, Trina SGP 2800
752287 Ontario Inc. CAN 2770
Saligue-Pananganan, Christie CAN 2337
Gabriele, Anna CAN 2304
Hsu, Rebecca Min Chu USA 2220
Lopez, Silma USA 2179
Samisoni, John NZL 2150
Zhang, Lian AUS 2100
Qiu, Cuiling NZL 2100
Remulla, Carlos B PHL 2100
Sun, Cindy NZL 2100
Tan, Jayson U. PHL 2100
Nueva España, Venus M. PHL 2100
Au, Xiao Ying AUS 2100
Sorrida, Nilda E. PHL 2100
Roberton, Mary Ann CAN 2100
Ong, Jessielyn T. PHL 2100
Chen, Xing He NZL 2100
Arreola, Normarie PHL 2075
Arzabal, Jennilyn L. PHL 2000
Suo, Yueying NZL 1919
Wang, Li-Ling USA 1800
Perez, Ignacio USA 1800
Munoz, Mauricio USA 1800
Carpio RD, Ariel USA 1800
Aquino, Mary Christine PHL 1800
Alfonso, Marcela F USA 1600
Eddie TienHui, Huang SGP 1590
Michael, Barry AUS 1530
Restrepo, Diego Fernado COL 1500
Sanchez, Yeiza USA 1500
Teoh, Say Hock SGP 1500
Gold, Adrian AUS 1465
T & A Century Supply Inc. USA 1450
Soriano, Dennis PHL 1400
Ahya’, Marzouq SGP 1400
Commit To Life Pty Ltd AUS 1400
Corcedo, Nera PHL 1400
Zheng, Xing Tian NZL 1400
Castulo, Jacqueline C. PHL 1400
Downs, Nicole USA 1400
Sucre, Sanders USA 1400
Mahn, Lanny CAN 1360
Susan Lee Pek Sim SGP 1320
Paras, Edmund Eric PHL 1300
Calalang, Arvin PHL 1300
Mercado, Renato PHL 1269
Lui Wen Chern, Albert SGP 1260
Tan, Hong Teck SGP 1220
George, Temu Ngarima AUS 1203
Juico, Elisa P. PHL 1200
Prados, Carlos Juan USA 1200
Choon, Siew Mei SGP 1200
Claveria, Joanna Marie N. PHL 1200
Orellana, Olimpia USA 1200
Soto Velez, Jose A USA 1200
Chin, Siew Ming SGP 1200
Landero, Camille PHL 1200
Lim, Soo Aun SGP 1200
Angel Roldan, Ana Cristina COL 1160
Ancheta, Rosalie E. PHL 1100
Villavicencio, Jezamin PHL 1100
White, Marcus AUS 1100
Bautista, Greg C. PHL 1100
Panlican, Raul V. PHL 1050
Navarro, Rodrigo USA 1004
Ruiz Muñoz,Esteban COL 1000

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