Max Does Its Part to Educate About Sport Supplements

Scott Momii, Executive Director of Product Management for Max International, was recently interviewed by KABC-TV out of Los Angeles for a story on the potential side effects of some sport supplements.

ABC7 Eyewitness News Nutrition and Fitness Reporter Lori Corbin investigated the potential down sides of some supplements that use substances banned by sports organizations.  Athletes who aren’t careful could be taking supplements filled with stimulants that could cause them to flunk a doping exam.

Scott Momii

Scott Momii

“The athlete definitely has to do some research on the different ingredients, and then even talk with the company,” said Scott Momii.   Ultimately, the best bet is to only buy products that have been certified by independent testing agencies.

Momii explains “They’ll test for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides. They take the most comprehensive list available of banned substances and they test for that.”

Max International uses NSF International to certify that MaxOne™ and MaxGXL Sport™ are certified banned-substance free for sport.  Founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that provides public health and safety related information to concerned consumers around the world as well as providing services to manufacturers in over 100 different countries.

The NSF’s Certified for Sport program performs two levels of testing.  First, the product is tested for label claims or to verify that the ingredients listed on the label are in the product and at the amounts stated on the label.  The second level of testing is to then screen the product against known banned substances.  Batches that pass both levels of testing earn the stringent NSF Certified for Sport certification.  MaxOne carries the prestigious NSF Certified for Sport certification which ensures the product is free from substances on the banned substances list.

Our thanks go out to Scott for representing Max as he helps to educate the public about such an important issue.

To see the entire story, visit this link to the original news story.

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