Max International Health Care Symposium for Colombia Notice

We welcome you to join us for our first Colombian Health Care Symposium to be held in conjunction with the Regional Meeting in Medellin in July.  The meeting will be on Friday, July 13 at 7:00 PM in the Intercontinental Hotel Medellin.

This symposium is targeted at Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, homeopaths, etc.) as well as Max Associates. Come and hear from Max product development specialists and Colombian authorities on the subjects of glutathione, oxidative stress and the development of RiboCeine, the key ingredient in MaxOne. Join us afterwards for coffee to discuss what you have learned and can share with your downlines and customers. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your own knowledge and to introduce MaxOne to prospects and other interested parties.

Tickets are available through your Virtual Office or through your Max Customer Care Team in our Bogota office. Ticket prices are $30,000 per person and if you wish to purchase both a Health Care Symposium tick along with your Regional Meeting ticket, we are offering a special price of only $60,000 (a savings of $15,000).

For those who have already purchased their Regional Meeting tickets and wish to join us at the Health Care Symposium, please contact Customer Care ([email protected] or phone 1-623-1001) to arrange your refund ($15,000).

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