Max International’s Florida Lightning Tour is a Perfect Storm of Opportunity

Building on where the last tour left off, the Max Motorhome once again traveled along the Florida Highway to bring Health, Success, and Significance to America’s Southeast.

A view from the Lightning Tour Motohome

So far the meetings have been well attended and incredibly diverse.  The May 8th meeting in Orlando welcomed 50 people, almost all who signed up for packs.  Bill Greenman reports about how eager people are to sign up:

In Orlando we have recruited several waitresses, the hotel manager in Orlando, and an insurance executive who was in our hotel lobby.  He saw our meeting, and then asked me what it was about – I shared with her briefly and she then decided to come to the meeting.   She’s now on the product and doing her due diligence to see about becoming an associate with us!

Lots of interest at the Florida meetings

The success continued on in Jacksonville, where 30 people, Associates and guests, attended.  What was especially great was that all eight guests signed up, many with Premier packs.  Even more outstanding was how diverse the attendees were.  The meetings welcomed nationals from markets outside the U.S. that Max operates in.  These were some of the most interested guests, and so we eagerly urge everyone to find such nationals in their own area, recruit them, and then let those people recruit their families and contacts in these markets.

At rest, ready to hit the road again soon

This is where the tour slept last night, under this beautiful oak tree at San Jose Baptist Church.  So far everyone has been blow away by the beautiful land and wonderful people.  The tour stops in Tallahassee tonight, and then moves onto Gainesville tomorrow night!

If you’re in the area and hope to be a part of this amazing opportunity, here are the details:

May 11 Call: 850-445-4272
Hilton Garden Inn – 3333 Thomasville Rd
May 12 Call: 615-207-3553
May 14 Call: 615-403-7055

Attendance fee is $10 for Associates, all guests are FREE!

Please RSVP By Email of Phone if You Plan to Attend
[email protected]

All Meetings Begin at 7:15pm and End by 9pm

Meeting Outline:
First Half: Science & Product Presentation
10 Minute Break
Second Half:  Global Business Opportunity
Question/Answer Time

Don’t miss out on this event; it can change your life!

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