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Max Loyalty has its Rewards!

On Saturday, July 30, Steven K. Scott, founder of Max International, announced the new Max Loyalty Program, a first in the industry and a huge benefit to regular users of the extraordinary Max products.


Max Loyalty Pricing US/Canada:

Product Loyalty Price Your Loyalty Savings

MaxOne: $60 (60 CV) $15 per box (60 capsules)

MaxGXL®: $50 (50 CV) $19 per box (180 capsules)

MaxGXL®Sport: $50 (50 CV) $19 per bottle (180 capsules)

Max N-Fuze: $60 (60 CV) $15 per box (30 packets)

MaxATP: $50 (50 CV) $19 per box (15 bottles)

Max Loyalty Pricing Australia:

Product Loyalty Price | Your Loyalty Savings

MaxGXL®: $80 NZD | $30 NZD(savings)

MaxGXL®Sport: $80 NZD | $30 NZD(savings)

MaxOne: $95 NZD | $25 NZD(savings)

Max N-Fuze: $95 NZD | $25 NZD(savings)

Max Loyalty Pricing New Zealand:

Product Loyalty Price | Your Loyalty Savings

MaxGXL®: $92 NZD | $34.50 NZD (savings)

MaxGXL®Sport: $92 NZD | $34.50 NZD (savings)

MaxOne: $109.25 NZD | $28.75 NZD (savings)

Max N-Fuze: $109.25 NZD | $28.75 NZD (savings)

Max Loyalty Pricing Singapore:

Product Loyalty Price | Your Loyalty Savings

MaxOne: $101.65 SGD     |      $26.75 SGD(savings)

Max N-Fuze: $101.65 SGD    |      $26.75 SGD(savings)

Dave Bagley, Max’s Co-CEO, discussed some of the benefits of the new Max Loyalty Program, adding, “We are committed to making Max International the best company for our Associates and customers. Max’s Loyalty Program demonstrates our commitment to the health of our customers and creates an even greater opportunity for our Associates.”

Dave also shared the following benefits of the program:

With the Max Loyalty Program, the more you buy, the more you save! By being able to afford more of the products you love, you will experience even more of the combined health benefits of our Max products.

Exclusive Max Loyalty Program pricing is Max’s way of thanking you for choosing Max as your trusted and preferred source for unsurpassed nutritional products and their benefits.

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Rick Teague, a Triple Diamond Max Associate leader and Advisory Board Member, relayed how excited he was about the new Max Loyalty Program and explained how all Max Associates can benefit from this Program. Rick explained the key principles of success, highlighting the importance of being part of a “trend-driven opportunity,” which Max is. Rick quoted world renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer about why the MLM industry is growing so fast.

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Joe Voyticky, Co-CEO, said, “We are a company that cares about our Associates and customers. We are all aware of the difficulties in the economy – our Max Loyalty Program brings unparalleled value to our customers and Associates. This program will bring more customers to Max Associates because of the affordable pricing and more Associates will be able to qualify for commissions. More people than ever will be able to increase their health and well-being by taking Max’s breakthrough products.”

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Max International President, Jim Stevralia added, “the Max Loyalty Program is intended to apply to purchases for personal consumption. Accordingly, by agreeing to the Program Terms and Conditions the Associates and Preferred Customers are agreeing to this intent and the sales tax to be charged on the order will be based on the special Max Loyalty Program price.”

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