Max products give ‘competitive edge’ to biking champion Dave Bagley

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, Max Co-CEO Dave Bagley took first place in his division in the 3rd Annual Powder Mountain Hillclimb, a bike race that has been described as “hors catégorie” or beyond categorization in terms of difficulty. The racers ascend 3,300 vertical feet in six miles, making it the steepest climb in Utah. Remarkably, Dave has only been biking for a little over a year and this is his second year in the Powder Mountain competition.

His results last year were impressive for a beginner, but to be standing on the Gold Medal podium for his division just a year later was beyond what anyone could have foreseen. Approximately 60 participants entered the race whose biking expertise spanned the gamut from elite cyclists with national caliber experience (category one) to beginning (category five) racers. Max products, Dave said, played a significant role in his success.

“I can’t give enough credit to the products, not only for what they do for your training but your competitive edge as well,” Dave said. “I don’t think I was by any stretch of the imagination the most talented person there. I was just able to do enough for my body to sustain the effort for the longest period of time. I think the products had a lot to do with that.”

Last year Dave used MaxOne™ along with MaxATP™ to help him through the race. This year a rigorous training regimen and his regular usage of MaxOne helped him trim 9 minutes off of his time from last year and win the race. Dave said he took MaxOne the night before and again on the morning of the race.

“I think there are a lot of parallels to building a Max business and riding a race like this,” Dave said. “Sometimes the difference between winning and not winning is basically how bad you want something and how deep you are willing to dig to get it.”

Dave said he was surprised by the number of racers who didn’t have the fight left to push ahead at the end. The race was won in the last half mile or so of the race, during which time Dave pushed past a handful of racers to the finish line. As with Dave’s race, consistency and exerting a little extra effort when it counts can make all the difference to successfully building a Max business.

Another parallel to the business is the importance of preparation. To be successful in the business we need to be prepared and go into each situation with a goal in mind and a specific outcome we are working toward. In addition to taking the products daily, careful preparation was critical for Dave in the weeks before the race. By helping his body to recover from his daily workouts, the products really gave him an edge during training.

After the race, Dave still had enough energy to ride an additional 40 miles, climbing a total of nearly 6,000 feet for the day. “Without any doubt this race was powered by RiboCeine™,” Dave said.

Proceeds from the race went to the Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Research Fund at the University of Utah. For details or to donate, visit their website.


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