Max Proudly Presents the List of Gold Coast Award Winners!

The Anniversary Celebration on Australia’s Gold Coast was a  fantastic success thanks to our amazing Associates.  A major part of the celebration was recognizing those individuals who made great efforts in growing their business and excelled in their personal accomplishments.

2011 AUS-NZ Associate of the Year
Marcus Schubert

For overall excellence in training and building, and willingness to share build across Max.

Marcus’ ability to combine hard work with a lot of fun has been an instrumental part of his success.  He is passionate about Max, and firmly believes that Max is THE place to be!  Congrats Marcus!


Dedication to the Advancement of the AUS-NZ Asian Markets - 2011
Guoping Pu

For exceptional efforts to make the Max opportunity more accessible to the Asian population within our market.

Guoping is an extremely focused individual.  He is a true trailblazer and his ability to keep things simple and encourage face to face invitations, presentations, and follow through have been key to his success.   Keep up the amazing leadership Guoping!


Top Customer Base Builder 2011 – NZ
Bernie Ogilvy

Largest preferred customer base in New Zealand.

Bernie flat out loves Max products, and his passion for the product comes through loud and clear.  His particular presentation style focuses on building preferred customers, and he is doing an incredible job at getting people on the product, following through with them, and keeping them on Max’s unique Loyalty program.  Great job Bernie!


Top Customer Base Builder 2011 – Australia
Alan Hewitt

Largest preferred customer base in Australia

Alan is an incredibly focused person.  He exudes 100% confidence in what he is doing, and leverages his strengths full tilt.  He does not over-explain, rather he keeps the value of the product focused on its uniqueness and the results people get.  Alan, you are doing an incredible job and we applaud your accomplishments.


Professional Development Award 2011
Michael Firth

Michael is known throughout Australia for his amazing ability to genuinely understand what other’s interests are.  Michael loves to see other people grow and achieve their full potential.  He has tirelessly helped people throughout the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces and finds great joy in seeing the entire market grow year after year.  Great job Michael!


Consistent Leadership

These people see the bigger picture.  They lead by example and will work anywhere in their teams where they see leaders emerging, not just with their personally enrolled team.  They show leadership through encouraging and motivating those around them.

Each of the Consistent Leadership award winners are unique in how they lead.  Most importantly, the reason why each of them are consistent leaders is because each of them has found what gives them the most amount of joy in their Max business.

Phoebe Wallace
Phoebe is all smiles.  She loves people and she is always excited to help her team and new enrollees.

Helen Belcher
Helen is a sincere leader and she shows her passion for both the business and the product.  She has a strong group of friends in the business, and has done a great job at creating a sense of community.

Janna Jones
Janna is a doctor from Russia and she goes full tilt 24/7.  She loves the product and cannot stop talking about how Max products are the absolute best.  This passion and enthusiasm is genuine and she absolutely believes without hesitation that Max products are in important part to someone’s quest for vitality.

Grant Bracefield
Grant is a humanitarian and a businessman.  He sees the huge value that the Max business can bring to the people in New Zealand.  He loves providing the solution and opportunity that Max represents, and his leadership and results back it up.

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