Max Skin Care Technology

Max Skin Care products are made from the best ingredients and contain no sulphates, surfactants, artificial colour or fragrance. Each component of the Visible Solutions Skin Care System incorporates the proprietary Max Amino-Nutrient Complex™. This exclusive blend helps to naturally optimize collagen, protect moisture and raise hydration levels, increase and enhance elasticity and protect skin against free radicals.
Max Skin Care Range - 90 Day Supply

Max Amino-Nutrient Complex™ contains the following specialized ingredients:

Terra-Pure™ Aloe

The patented reverse osmosis processing of the Aloe in our products ensures that all the amino acids and vitamins, etc., retain their full efficacy. Just our Aloe alone, without any other ingredient, would give you collagen support. Additionally, this special Aloe base, when mixed with other ingredients in our products, ensures that these critical nutrients can penetrate your skin, delivering them where they are needed most.


A naturally derived glycol protein that helps to prevent dryness of the skin and also serves to protect the epidermis from extreme cold. Studies have shown that Antarcticine optimizes production of collagen I, collagen IV, and elastin.


An active peptide that enhances skin elasticity and tightness. It is especially targeted at mature skin with studies showing significant increases in elastin in as little as four weeks of regular use.


A highly potent antioxidant that helps protect the skin from photo-aging. It is shown to be more effective than Resveratrol, Vitamin E and ferulic acid in protecting against oxidative stress. It has also been shown to have greater antioxidant power than Vitamin E and C, grape seed extract and other well-known antioxidants.

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