MaxOne™ —New Packaging, New Label Certifications, Same Incredible Benefits!

Now when you order MaxOne™, you’ll receive it in a convenient, sleek new bottle.  In addition to being more convenient to store and use, this new packaging allows for quicker updates and broader compliance as Max expands to more international markets.  For example, on this new label you will notice three new certifications that highlight important features of this standout product.

  • Gluten Free – assures to anyone who is gluten intolerant or has celiac disease that MaxOne™ is certified gluten free.
  • Melamine Free – some nutritional products that utilize low-grade ingredients have been known to contain traces of melamine and should not be consumed by humans or animals.  Max stands by our product safety and quality guarantee by displaying that MaxOne™ is certified melamine free.
  • Halal Certified – certifies that all ingredients in MaxOne™ conform with Muslim dietary laws.

Consider anyone you’ve talked to in the past that has inquired about any of these three features and let them know Max offers products that are gluten and melamine free as well as Halal certified.

MaxOne™ will continue to be shipped in boxes in the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia until inventory is depleted in each market, at which time the new packaging will begin to be shipped.

Note:  MaxGXL® and Max N-Fuze™ will also display gluten free and melamine free statements as soon as current packaging inventory is depleted.  MaxATP™ testing is currently being conducted and upon completion updates to its packaging will happen as soon as possible.

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