Max’s Premier Product is now more convenient to carry and easier to share! (US only Release)

We are excited to announce our newly designed packaging for Cellgevity, a helpful and handy 1-week bottle. These new, specially created bottles will be sold in convenient 4-pack boxes.  With each of the four bottles representing a one week supply, every 4-pack box represents a complete one month’s supply of Cellgevity.

What makes this new packaging and redesigned bottle so much better?

  • The bottles themselves are much easier to carry.  This is huge for our Associates on the road and our Preferrred Customers with busy lifestyles.  No more trying to stuff the larger bottles into carry-on bags or separating out capsules into smaller pill containers.
  • It’s easier to give samples to prospective customers and Associates.  Want to give someone a week’s supply to try on their own?  Just give them one of the bottles out of the four pack.  It’s that easy!
  • It makes sharing Max that much simpler.  Bringing Cellgevity to a group and giving everyone their own samples is now even more convenient.  Whether you’re bringing your Cellgevity packs to someone’s house or to the next Super Saturday, you’ll be able to share the products as naturally as you’d share the great opportunity.

The new 1-week bottles will replace all the current 1 month bottles in all Enrollment and Recharge Packs.  Due to the new packaging we’ve had to make a few adjustments to the packs. We have not changed the amount of products or tools that are in each pack, but we have made modifications to the pricing, CV and Fast Track Bonus to the Premiere Pack.

Cellgevity Premiere Pack – best value at $1,025
Generates 705 CV and $160 FTB

Each Pack contains:
15 – 4 pack of Cellgevity
25 pack of the following brochures: Cellgevity, Glutathione and Steven K. Scott
10 – Perfect Time DVDs (The Perfect Time. The Perfect Solution.; The Max Breakthrough; and The Perfect Partnership)
1 – Doctors’ Choice CD
2 – Tear Off Pads
1 – FREE enrollment/starter kit

Cellgevity Professional, Personal, and Recharge Packs remain the same!

We know this new packaging will be a great asset in growing your Max business.  The best news is that this great new packaging is available TODAY.  Just go into your Virtual Office and you can start purchasing Cellgevity in these convenient new packages.

The new packaging is only available in the United States currently, but don’t worry, it will be available in all other markets by the end of August 2012.

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