More Excited Than I Have Ever Been

joesmall More Excited Than I Have Ever Been

Joe Voyticky, Co-CEO

Dear Associates,

First, thank you for your well wishes and expressions of trust, both for me personally and Max as a whole. Your support means a great deal to me and it’s extremely gratifying to know that the work we do makes a difference in the lives of so many.

When I first encountered Max a little more than two years ago, I was deeply impressed with what Max had—so impressed that I wanted to be involved. That’s how a long-time Manhattan lawyer ended up in Utah in an unfamiliar industry. Most of you know my story, and I highlight it briefly just to make this point: I am more excited about Max now than I have ever been.

Just look at what is happening at Max:

  • Visible Solutions™ is a welcome addition to the excellent products that Max has and enhances the opportunity for the field.
  • MaxOne™ and MaxGXL® represent the most advanced glutathione support available anywhere.
  • We’re now open in Singapore and Australia, with additional markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia in the works.
  • We just completed a hugely successful tour of New Zealand and Australia.
  • We had an event in Puerto Rico with 1,200 people in attendance.
  • Activity in the Philippines is at a fever pitch.
  • We recognized three new Diamonds in December, and a new Double Diamond in Puerto Rico.

Project after project, deadline after deadline, our team continues to amaze me. The talents that bring you the superb packaging, the captivating events, the powerful tools and more are not going away. Many highly talented people are working behind the scenes to support your business. That is where our focus is—to support your success.

In 2011, we’re going to take Max to a new level. Dave Bagley, my Co-CEO, and I are completely on the same page. I greatly appreciate the industry experience Dave brings to the position. Together, our commitment to you is that you will always be proud to share Max’s products with the world. We have a tremendous opportunity before us; together, we can change the lives of so many. What a gift!

Thank you for joining us on this memorable journey. We look forward to seeing you at various events and in Utah down the road.

joeV_sigSMALL More Excited Than I Have Ever Been

Joe Voyticky
Max International

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