New Brochures and Flip Chart Now Available for Purchase

New Tools to help you Build a Successful Business

During the past year we have focused on creating tools that make it easier to share the Max opportunity and product.  At the AMPLIFY Convention we announced a new Starter Kit that provides you with everything you need to build a successful Max Business, from new brochures and an updated Max Action Plan to a revised Compensation Plan and a brand new presentation Flip Chart.  Today we are proud to announce that the brochures and presentation Flip Chart are now available for individual purchase from the Virtual Office or through our Customer Service.

New – Redesigned Product Brochures and Two New Brochures

We have redesigned our product brochures in an easy-to-carry size that comfortably fits inside a suit jacket pocket or handbag. Each product brochure effectively explains the benefits and the science behind the product.

  • Cellgevity™ – See how many people have had their lives changed by Max’s premier product.  There’s no better argument for all the positive health benefits Cellgevity can bring.
  • MaxATP™ – What makes MaxATP the world’s first performance drink?  Find out how this product delivers healthy, sustained energy when you need it most.
  • MaxOne™ – Discover the RiboCeine™ breakthrough and how MaxOne effectively delivers what’s needed most to increase the body’s glutathione level.
  • MaxGXL™ – Read up on Max’s unique NAC-powered formula enhances glutathione and includes other ingredients that reduce inflammation and supports energy production.
  • Max N-Fuze™ – Finally, a breakthrough BioNutrient complex that provides great nutrition with only 10 calories.
  • Visible Solutions™ – Now you can see the dramatic difference the Visible Solutions skin care system can provide – in as little as 60 seconds!

Two new brochures are now available and are included in the Starter Kit and in product packs.  The new Billion Dollar Business Builder and Glutathione brochures help you tell the Max story and why Max International is on the forefront of leading glutathione enhancement.

  • Billion Dollar Business Builder – See Steven K. Scott’s story and how he’s ready to back you in starting your own business.
  • Glutathione – “What is glutathione and why is it so important?”  This brochure demonstrates just how vital glutathione is to our longevity with straight-forward facts and details.

Watch Steve Scott show you how to effectively use these new brochures as you build your Max business. Click here to view this video featuring Steve’s presentation from AMPLIFY.

Purchase brochures today from the Virtual Office or through Customer Service for only $8.50 for a 25-pack.

New – Presentation Flip Chart

Also now available is the Max Presentation Flip Chart.  This useful sales tool details the Max story, from its groundbreaking science to its innovative business model.  The Flip Chart is a detailed overview of everything you need to know when sharing Max with new customers or prospective Associates.

Anytime that you plan to do a presentation on Max, let this flip chart be your guide for all the important details you need to cover.  Familiarize yourself with the content and become comfortable with how the company’s story is told, and you’ll gain confidence and credibility in how you share Max with others.

The Max Presentation Flip Chart is currently available in English for the U.S. and Canada for $15.00.

Spanish and French version of the brochures and the Presentation Flip Chart are currently being printed, we’ll be sure to announce them as soon as they’re available.

Updated Enrollment Packs

All enrollment packs in the US and Canada now contain the new brochures. We have removed the Max Resource Thumb Drive from the packs since it is now included in the new Starter Kits. Please note that the old Business Builder Packs and Business Builder Half Packs are no longer available for purchase.  We’ve replaced these outdated packs with the Personal, Professional, and Premium Product Packs, as well as the new Starter Kit.  These packs and the Starter Kit will serve you much more efficiently in starting up your Max business.

International Roll-Out of New Tools

We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response about these new tools.  We know that demand is high for everything to be available in all markets.  Rest assured that the roll-out of these tools for North American is only the first step.  Throughout the summer we’ll announce the availability of everything in French and Spanish, along with Flip Charts and Brochures unique to specific international markets.

Use these tools to grow your Max business in the best way possible.  As your partners, we’re here to support your efforts to achieve success with significance.

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