New “Doctors’ Choice” Audio Files Hosted on Max Corporate Site, Available for Free Download

How amazing would it be to have Steven K. Scott, Dr. Don Colbert, and Dr. Doug Harrington available at any time to discuss the Max products and the science behind them?  How much more effective would your recruiting be if you could point people to this resource anywhere, at any time?  Now, you can find out for yourself thanks to our new “Doctor’s Choice” audio presentation available to all of our Associates for FREE streaming and download.

This past April there was a unique meeting during Max’s AMPLIFY International convention.  The founder of Max International, Steven K. Scott, sat with two prominent doctors: Dr. Douglas Harrington, a former member of the Stanford Heart Transplant Team, and Dr. Don Colbert, a NY Times bestselling medical author to discuss the science of glutathione and how Max’s products are unparalleled in glutathione enhancement.  We are proud to now offer this amazing discussion for free to all of our Associates.

The full 53 minute audio is available in English for streaming or download at the corporate website at

This discussion panel is a perfect recruiting tool as it covers many different facets of glutathione enhancement, discusses Max’s exclusive RiboCeine™ technology, and examines the effectiveness of several different Max products.  You don’t have to be the expert on glutathione; instead let these experts do all the work for you.

To make things easier and more convenient for our Associates, we’ve gone ahead and edited the full audio file into nine different segments.   Each segment focuses on a different topic and can be downloaded separately.   Following is a brief description of each separate segment:

  1. Glutathione-How to Make More of Your Body’s “Miracle Molecule.”
    Dr. Mehmet Oz said glutathione is, “One of the KEYs to fighting off the diseases you fear the most.” In this opening segment Steve Scott, Dr. Colbert, and Dr. Harrington discuss what glutathione is and how important it really is to our overall health and wellbeing.
  2. RiboCeine™—The Glutathione Breakthrough
    Discover how 25 years of research and 20 peer-reviewed, published studies established this breakthrough nutritional compound as the uncontested champion of glutathione enhancement.  It outperformed the “number two” method to enhance personal glutathione levels by 300% !
  3. Cellgevity™- Feel Better, Live Younger and Perform Stronger…Now!
    Learn why Dr. Don Colbert says, “Cellgevity is the most powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory supplement that I’ve ever experienced.”  Discover the science behind its breakthrough effectiveness.
  4. Toxic Impact and its Depletion of Glutathione
    Nearly 100,000 chemicals are produced each year.  Research conducted by the Environmental Control Agency found 700 chemicals in the body of every person tested.  Everyone!  Given the toxicity of our modern environment, what can you do to offset the toxic burden your body and your children’s bodies must carry?
  5. The Cardiac Dangers of Inflammation
    Research continues to reveal that cellular inflammation is responsible for many health issues.  The research being conducted by Dr. Douglas Harrington indicates a new ability to detect inflammation, and how to take preventative action to better protect and promote cardiac health.
  6. True Energy
    Free-radical damage and oxidative stress when combined with poor diet and exercise can create a level of constant fatigue that may overwhelm many of us.  True energy is created within the mitochondria of every cell in the body.  Learn what sustains our body’s source of this true energy and how natural nutritional solutions are superior to artificially boosted and temporary ones.
  7. Obesity Bio-Markers
    Obesity has apparent indicators like belly fat, weight, and body mass index that are ignored by many of us as we consume a diet filled with sugars, soda, and trans fats.  Do you know the three critical elements that affect what you eat, which foods you should avoid and what cooking methods can negatively impact your well-being?  Learn more here.
  8. Weight Loss Thanks to Increased Energy
    Increased glutathione levels can produce a number of health benefits including improved stamina and endurance.  When you feel better, you are more likely to exercise and engage in physical activity.  What would more energy mean to you as you seek to be healthier?
  9. Why MaxATP Outperforms Energy Drinks
    MaxATP is created for athletes and works for everyone by delivering optimal performance when and where the body needs it.  MaxATP harnesses the power of Riboceine and ten other nutrients to provide sustained performance throughout your day.  Energy is created in the mitochondria of each cell.  Learn how to give your body critical nutrition that sustains energy rather than only spiking it.

We hope all of our Associates are able to make the most out of these great resources.  The full audio file is meant to replace our existing “Doctors’ Choice” DVD.  We’re currently still processing the new DVDs, which will soon be available in the new starter kits and for order from the Virtual Office.  French and Spanish translations will also be available in the future.  Stay informed on the Max Blog for when the physical copies and other language versions of the new “Doctors’ Choice” will be available.

For now, make the most of these FREE resources as you share Max with the world!

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