New Golds Celebrate Success at Road to Diamond Event

Max has flown 47 Associates and their guests to Salt Lake City for the U.S. (plus Puerto Rico) and Canada Road to Diamond Event, an all-expenses-paid experience that provides training and team building to help these leaders continue on the path of success. For these Associates at the Gold rank—and some even at Diamond and Platinum—Road to Diamond will be an unforgettable experience that brings them closer to each other and to the corporate team at Max.

Congratulations on all who qualified through their commitment and focus:

Frederick A. Bahr Jose Lopez
Nicholas Bevilacqua Andres Lopez Rivera
Jose E. Camacho Troy & Rhonda Madge
Andres Carrasquillo Bigio Carlos Ernesto Martinez Diaz
Kyle Colbert Martin Moreau
Sandra I. Cotto Oscar Nario
Ramona Cryer Steve Plog
Dan (DJ) Daly Antonio Quinones Melendez
Art Dodd Maria Rivas De Milla
Christopher Dunn Jesus Figueroa Rivera
Patricia Guillermo Mario R. Rivera Berrios
Adolfo Echevarria Felipe Rivera Callazo
Holly Fourchalk Daniel Rodriguez
Edwin J. Gomez Jose Rodriguez
Dianna Delp Gowdey Manuel Luna Rojas
Edward Grant Yimaris Rosado Serra & Jose Perez Figueroa
Bruce Griffith Salvador Sanchez Arroyo
Jose Hernandez Harold Sanchez
Felix and Carla Hernandez Dorothy Spaulding
Darren Heroldt Billy & Gloria  Steblina
David Cindy Holland Enrique Tawachi
Norma Hurley Edward Vieco
Jonathan Inesta Seann Zhane
Jorge Juarbe


In addition to the Diamonds attending for the first time, several other Diamonds will be participating in this event, providing insights and training: Bill Greenman, Alex Monterrosa, George and Tina Reninger, Julio Rivera, Rick Teague, and Jean and Alan Sickman, Max’s Double Crown Diamond Associates.

We’ll be sharing updates from the Road to Diamond throughout the weekend. And, if one of these leaders is in your Upline, be sure to ask about their experiences when they return home next week!


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