New Security Enrollment PIN for U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand Safeguards Your Business

Dear Valued Associates -

We are very grateful to have you as partners with us at Max International as we jointly roll out our business opportunity and breakthrough products around the world. In order to continue to meet your needs and further safeguard your businesses from those who would misuse our programs, Max will roll out an anti-fraud initiative on Monday, August 6th in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at approximately 5:00 pm MDT.  We have already instituted this initiative in Colombia and the Philippines with great results.

Every Associate will need to enter an Enrollment Security PIN for all sign-ups, in addition to the existing Associate ID.  This additional layer of security will further secure the integrity of your account and sales tree as you continue to recruit new prospects.

Whenever someone selects the “Join Now” button at the top of the Corporate Web site, they will be prompted for the Sponsor’s ID and the Sponsor’s enrollment PIN.  Under this system, please be sure to give your ID and PIN to your new Associate before enrolling them.  Without both, the new prospect cannot register and will be prompted to contact their sponsor or call Customer Care for assistance.

All current Associates already have this PIN and can access it under the “My Tools” section at the top of the Virtual Office.  Once in the Max4U section, select “Change Enrollment PIN” to view your current PIN and/or change it.  The PIN can be changed at any time and we recommend that it be changed at least quarterly to ensure added security in your downlines.

Any new prospects that are enrolled as new Associates will be issued their own Associate ID and PIN to enroll others. Their new 4 digit PIN will be included in the confirmation email received at sign up, along with other important information about operating a Max Business. Anyone who owns a Max4u replicated marketing web site can view their PIN in their own confirmation email as well.

Use of the PIN enables Associates to personally meet their new prospects and get to know them better as part of the business building process. It is vital that your Associate Enrollment Security PIN should be kept confidential and not listed on any marketing materials such as business cards, Facebook pages, email signatures, or similar communication that can be copied, forwarded, or shared freely.  Following these procedures will protect your PIN from unauthorized use and keep your business secure.

It is because we value your partnership that we’ve taken the extra step to give you greater safety and security.  It is Max International’s goal to enable you to grow and safeguard your business in all of our markets for many decades to come.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we implement this important initiative with your teams.


Rick S. Nelson
Vice President, Business Development
Max International, LLC

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