Olympic Winner Grateful For MaxGXL

On March 30, 2009, Scott Goldman suffered a potentially life-altering health catastrophe without warning. He never received treatment or medication. Yet two years later, he won the weightlifting event at the 2011 Regional Senior Olympics in St. Louis Missouri, breaking the all-time records for lifting the greatest percentages of bodyweight by a competitor. And the following day, he took a ride on his hybrid bicycle a whopping 186 miles without any pain.

In a letter to Steven Plog, a Platinum Associate, who introduced Mr. Goldman to MaxGXL®, he says, “As your attorney I first looked at the Max supplements out of respect for you as a client. Thank you for recommending MaxGXL® as part of my daily regimen… As an athlete I am sensitive to my body, its varying energy levels, strength and endurance. I know that I achieved an enormous boost in each of those areas from taking MaxGXL®.”

Congratulations to Scott Goldman on his enormous life successes! We’re thrilled that the Max products found him and were able to benefit him in his health and well-being.

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