Our Time Has Arrived!

AMonterrosa Our Time Has Arrived!By Alex Monterrosa
Platinum Associate
Miami, Florida

After having been out of the Network Marketing industry for eight years and having said, “Never Again,” a good friend of mine invited me to evaluate the Max International opportunity. It was then that after only one day of being exposed to the world-class, scientifically proven products, an extremely rewarding compensation plan, and having heard from founder Steve K. Scott and the Executive team of their vision of taking Max internationally to every country in the globe, that I realized this was the next “Giant” in the industry. It was then that I decided to join.

This unique opportunity, based on fundamental principles and core values, provides us with the perfect time and solution for spreading global wellness in the areas of health, finances and personal development to everyone, including the Hispanic community. There are currently 50 million Hispanics living in the U.S., and being Hispanic, I can tell you that for the most part we are open-minded and seeking “the opportunity of a lifetime”. There are also 750 million Hispanics around the world waiting for their opportunity in their countries.

It is very gratifying for me to be associated with a company that not only says and promises but also delivers. Max as a company is in expansion phase and is currently working on the expansion into Latin America, and I know for Max International, these are exciting times. We have been able to get a glimpse of what is to come in these markets, and the key to this success is coming together and working as a team, which is what as Hispanics we have done. The proof of it is that Puerto Rico and Florida are the number one and two leading growth markets for Max.

It’s very exciting to be able to count on corporate support for all this growth and expansion and in only two weeks—March 25-26—we will be having our Spanish-speaking Regional in what couldn’t be a better hosting city, Orlando, Florida. It’s the home of Disney World, a place where we are always reminded to not ever give up on our dreams but to “Dream Big.” With this regional we are not only writing history but we are also achieving a dream, as we will be having the presence of Steven K. Scott and Co-CEO’s Joe Voytiky and Dave Bagley addressing the “Hispanic market.” We will also have the presence Double Crown Diamond Alan Sickman and also Max International’s first “Hispanic” Platinums, Diamonds and Double Diamonds. Don’t forget that “opportunities are never wasted, there is always someone that embraces them” and in this case we can ALL embrace it and be there.

As a great man (my dad) says, “The Tsunami is on its way and many will be caught without their bathing suit on.”

See you at the regional where Diamonds are born!

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