Powerful Training and Exceptional Dinner Highlight Day 2 of Road to Diamond

The first full day of the Road to Diamond Event focused attending Associates on proven strategies, techniques, and insights that will deepen their skill and further their success in the business. Events like this are a springboard to Diamond that all Associates should strive to be part of.

Steve Scott administered his legendary personality test that helped Associates understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to communicate with people of varying personalities. Later in the day, Steve illustrated how this knowledge plays a crucial role in partnering. On that subject, he discussed the importance of vision, of knowing where you are going. In Steve’s words, how can you recruit a partner if you don’t know where you’re going?

Additional training throughout the day from including goal setting and “shooting for the moon” by Bob Kaelin and Tina Reninger, the essential factor of positive exposure to the Max business by Rick Teague, leadership and commitment by Alan Sickman, recruiting techniques from George Reninger, commentary about the Diamond Retreat by Alex Monterrosa, the perks of being a Diamond from Jean Sickman, a couple simple but powerful metaphors from Bill Greenman, and the sense of family, treating people right, and networking from Julio Rivera.

Co-CEO Dave Bagley spoke about the importance of playing to win, not just “not to lose,” and not being timid in the business.

The day concluded with a picture-perfect recognition dinner at Tuscany, one of Salt Lake City’s top restaurants, and a stop at Max’s headquarters for the “lighting” of the new Max International sign on our building.

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