Recap, Recording of Saturday Conference Call with Steve Scott

Today’s call featured Steve Scott (listen), Gold Leader Ricardo Monterrosa Sr. (listen), and Platinum Leader Steve Plog, who discussed the addition of Master Strategies to Business Builder Packs (listen).

Steve Scott kicked off today’s call talking about the dedication he and his wife Shannon have, not just to Max International but to the family of Max Associates. He shared some experiences of life-changing stories that have been shared with him and how the Max products have given given back to the lives of countless people. He said that Max International is not a company, it is a family. He discussed Master Strategies being available in the Business Builder Pack and how his vision changed of how Max can help so many people after his trip to the Philippines. He is very excited about our expansion to Latin America and can’t wait till everthing is ready to have a opening meeting there. Steve said he wants to visit and do meetings in every city and country that he can possibly do this next year.

Bob Kaelin talked about the addition of Master Strategies to the Business Builder kits in the U.S. and Canada (other markets to follow soon) and reviewed the Business Builder Club promotion and how each Associate can be eligible for the monthly prizes and extra commissions by signing up just two new Associates with a pack in July. Associates are eligible again when the repeat this in August.

Steven Plog talked about the importance of Master Strategies and how completing the course will help all to be more effective and successful.

Ricardo Monterrosa discussed the importance of leverage and how successful business requires 1,000 hours a week to be succeessful and with Max International you can develop a team that will be able to complete 1,000 hours a week as they all share the Max vision and products. Each of us can leverage our time leading, guiding and sharing rather than trying to manage hundreds of employees and having the responsibility to pay and keep inventory and pay all the expenses. Max International is the company thatwill help each and everyone make their dreams come true.

Bob also discussed upcoming events and the excitment he had to be able to be with the cruise winners as they celebrate their successes.

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