Recording of Saturday Conference Call–Dr. Rodriguez and DJ Daly

Dr. Jose Rodriguez (Listen) and DJ Daly (Listen) were the featured guests on today’s conference call.

Dr. Jose shared his personal experiences and feelings about attending the June 23 Road to Diamond. He also shared why we need to take the Max products to help maximize the nutrition that our body needs. He explained why our bodies are under assault from oxidative stress and free scavenger radicals. Dr. Joe encouraged all on the call to make sure we take Max N-Fuze™, MaxGXL® and MaxOne™ every day. He said MaxGXL will help our cells to create more glutathione and our bodies will have the tools to fight off all the contaminates that are being stored in our bodies. He also said that stress is one of the major components to reduction of glutathione and that our bodies will recover quicker and our sleep will be more restful.

DJ Daly gave a report on his experience at the Road to Diamond as well and encouraged all to prepare and plan on being at the next Road to Diamond in November. He also taught us to focus on helping others, not the money, and we will be blessed for our efforts. He gave us five keys points on why Max will be successful and encourage everyone to share the products and the company vision because we have an obligation to share the health and financial benefits to everyone we meet. He gave an example of a body of water filled with crocodiles and a raft with 5 million dollars in it and asked if we would dive in and swim to the raft. The answer has to be “no” but if the boat had your young child, the answer is yes. Then we must take the opportunity to dive in and share the Max products and vision because it is that important.


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