Road to Diamond Day 1

Associates at Gold, Platinum and Diamond kicked off the Road to Diamond event last night with a festive dinner, with opportunities to make and rekindle relationships with each other.  Co-CEO Dave Bagley welcomed attendees and commended all present for their achievements.

He spoke about Max being more than just a company with unsurpassed products, and an unparalleled financial opportunity.  Max corporate and Max Associates have rare opportunity to partner together in a singular effort to impact and amplify the quality of life of virtually everyone we come in contact with.  To have the world’s leading glutathione technologies, and scientists is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.

Having the opportunity to work side by side with the best associates in the industry makes this opportunity life-changing. The combination of Max products, the Max opportunity, combined with the direction, heart, and commitment of our field leaders, there is no doubt that Max will become the company that changes more lives than any other in recent history.   He stressed the importance of making the conscious effort to making decisions that result in a lasting difference, something that can stand as a legacy.

For Associates at all levels, we at Max have an historic opportunity to have a life-changing impact for people. Let us all enjoy the journey of success, and enthusiastically share our rare and unequaled combination of product importance and financial opportunity!


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