Road to Diamond Update from Australia’s Gold Coast

The Max executives are having a great time on Australia’s Gold Coast for the Road to Diamond training.  While the famous Queensland sunshine has been absent, the warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement from both Kiwis and Ozzies has made for an amazing time Down Under.  As we finish up the training this week and start the celebration for the Australia and New Zealand Anniversary Event, we would like to share photos of our experience with the rest of the Max family.

Gold Coast SkylineThe view of Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast from the top of its only rotating restaurant is a one-of-a-kind sight.


Dave Bagley, Michael Firth, Nicole Rigato, and Steve ScottCo-CEO Dave Bagley, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Sales Coach and Platinum Associate Michael Firth, Wellness Teacher Nicole Rigato, and Max Founder Steve Scott.

New Zealand LeadersTriple Diamond Associate George Renninger and several of our New Zealand leaders meet up at the Auckland airport on their way for the Road to Diamond.


Road to Diamond TrainingRoad to Diamond Training gets off to a great start.  Michael is pumped up!

Road to Diamond dinnerEveryone is all smiles at the Road to Diamond dinner.  Anna, Helen, Sandra, Paul, and Rohan are enjoying their night.

Dave Bagley at RTDDave Bagley addresses the Gold Coast crowd at the Opportunity Meeting.  The evening covered a broad range of topics relevant to business building and goal setting.


Gold Coast CrowdThere’s lots of energy as everyone listens in during the business opportunity meeting.  Friday night’s crowd was well attended and we’re expecting over 200 participants for Saturday’s main conference!


Greetings from the Gold CoastThe Road to Diamond Associates and everyone here at the Gold Coast are having a wonderful time and know they’re a part of something great.  Here’s to the end of a great round of training and the start of these leaders’ journey to Diamond and beyond.  Look for more soon about what’s sure to be an amazing weekend for the Australia and New Zealand Anniversary Event.  Cheers!




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