Saturday Conference Call

Please join us this Saturday to hear from our expert Max Associates, Dr. Tim Kershenstein and Chad Statham.

Dr. Tim Kershenstein graduated from Tulane University and specializes in tropical and integrative medicine. He has studied Eastern Medicine, which focuses on the cause, not the symptoms, of disease. Hear Dr. Kershenstein discuss the benefits of increasing your glutathione levels and why you should work to find balance in your life. He will also share his reasons for becoming involved with Max International and how it has affected his life and the lives of his patients.

Chad Statham, a Diamond Associate, will be discussing Max events and how they can boost your business. Hear why home meetings, 3-way calls, conference calls, and corporate events support and help in your recruiting efforts. Chad’s will be sharing his story of how he was introduced to Max and why he has been able to build a significant income and a growing business.

When: September 10th, 10:00 am Mountain Time

To Participate: Call 760-569-7676, PIN is 167293#

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