Saturday Conference Call Recap

Dr. Tim Kershenstein discussed the importance of glutathione and how he discovered this incredible tripeptide that helps our cells function normally, detoxify, and reduce inflammation. He emphasized the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements and why everyone should be taking both MaxGXL and N-Fuze. He also reviewed the importance of taking care of ourselves by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed sugars from our diet. Hear Dr. Tim by clicking here.

Chad Statham, a Max Diamond Associate, shared his story of leaving his successful software business to join Max International. He discussed the keys to getting started and why events are the key to education, training and motivation. Hear Chad by clicking here.

Bob Kaelin, Max Vice President of Sales, announced the prize winners of the August Business Builder Club. Bob encouraged all to attend the regional meeting in Miami on October 22 where special announcements will be made by Steve Scott and the Max Executive team. You can register for the Miami Regional Event by clicking here.


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