Schedule for AMPLIFY Convention Online Updates

At last, after many long months of build-up and preparation our AMPLIFY 2012 International Convention starts up next week in Salt Lake City!  We have a ton of great news, exciting updates, exclusive offers, and once-in-a-lifetime meetings all set for Wednesday April 11 through Sunday April 15.

We realize that not all of our Associates will be able to attend convention, and those that are attending can’t be at all the events or might miss out on a few things.  To accommodate everyone, we’ll be doing regular convention updates on the Max International Blog and on our Facebook page.  Here’s a list of major updates we’ll be doing all next week and when we’ll be doing them.


Wednesday, April 11

Wednesday is our special Diamond Day for our qualified Diamond and above Associates.  Look for a mid-day update from the field about the fabulous time our top Associates are having.


Thursday, April 12

Thursday will start with a review of the Diamond Day and Diamond Dinner, we’ll be sure to include some great pictures of all the fun our Associates had.

Look for a mid-day recap and synopsis of the Medical Professionals Symposium featuring Dr. Herb Nagasawa and Dr. Scott Nagasawa.  This symposium is exclusive to medical professionals, so we’ll give you the inside scoop of some of the highlights of the talk.


Friday, April 13

First thing on Friday, there will be separate recaps of the Max International Dinner with Champions and the Field Leaders’ Opportunity Meeting.  Both events will highlight how Max is growing and creating exciting new opportunities for all of our Associates.

We’ll be doing live updates from the convention immediately following General Session I (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM), the Business Builder Winners Luncheon (12:00 – 1:30 PM), and General Session II (1:30 PM – 6:00 PM).  Stay on top of the breaking news throughout the day!


Saturday, April 14

Saturday is another full-day of news and updates.  First, there will be a recap of the Saturday Breakout Sessions at mid-day; we’ll highlight the training and sharing done by some of our top Associates.

General Session III (2:30 – 5:30 PM) will feature more live updates on the Max Blog and Facebook.


Monday, April 16

Monday is our big recap day and preview of the news and developments that will follow convention.

We’ll start the day with a look back at Saturday Night’s Award Gala and Sunday’s trainings by Max field leaders.

By mid-day we’ll do one large review of the entire convention week, with links to all the previous stories.

Finally, we’ll preview all the breaking news that will follow for the rest of the week.  This will include elaboration and in-depth coverage of the news that will come out of convention, as well as new announcements for upcoming events and promotions.


We’re gearing up for one incredible week with AMPLIFY 2012.  We’re looking forward to sharing all of this and more with every single one of you.

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