Sharing in the Colombian Success

The previous two weeks in Colombia were an amazing experience for everyone involved.  The Max executives were honored to be welcomed by such a warm and gracious community who were so excited to learn about the Max products and opportunity.

Bob Kaelin, Jim Stevralia, Dan Riordan

VP of Sales Bob Kaelin, President Jim Stevralia, and Bogotá Manager Dan Riordan were the “Three Amigos” of Max during their tour of Colombia.  In all four cities they visited – Baranquilla, Medellin, Cali, and Bogotá – they were greeted with boundless enthusiasm.

El Pibe

One person who was very enthusiastic was futbol legend and new Max Associate Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama.  Here, El Pibe is welcomed to Max by Jorge Escobar, Manuel Angulo, and Rodrigo Navarro.

El Pibe

All the best to El Pibe as he starts his own Max Business!

The tour of Colombia finished with a wonderful stop in Bogotá.  Here is Jim Stevralia with some of the Bogotá office staff.  Our thanks to everyone in the office who helped make those two nights so successful.

Jim and the Bogota office staff

Both nights in Bogotá were incredible, with over 325 in attendance for the first night of February 14th and even more on the second night!

Bogota Meeting

We have many more pictures from Colombia to share with the field, look for more updates on the Max blog soon!

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