Steve Scott Inspired by Four-Nation, Eight-City Tour

Max Co-founder Steven K. Scott recently returned to Max headquarters after an extensive trip that took him to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Steve’s presence for the first time in these countries was an inspiration to large numbers of Associates and their Guests, and for him as well. In the end, hundreds will benefit from his vision and passion for Max.

Summing up his trip, Steve says, “I thought we could always be successful in countries with a large middle class, but now I see that our ‘micro business model’ can also be successful in countries with a small middle class. Our opportunity is viable in any market, regardless of economic conditions. I really believe that now, but before I didn’t.”

Starting in Christchurch, New Zealand, and traveling from there to Auckland, then Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore (where Co-CEO Joe Voyticky, and VP Eric Anderson would join him), and the Philippines, Steve was deeply impressed by the “excitement and enthusiasm of everyone we saw. In every city, our leaders were impeccably organized and supporting each other.”

Steve relished the chance to hear from Associates and guests regarding their product experiences. “We heard some truly unbelievable product success stories on this trip, but the most amazing one of all came in Perth. At its very basic, a teenage son who was caring for his bed-ridden mother got her back, in dramatic fashion. Time after time, people tell us how our products are changing lives in very dramatic ways. I also need to mention that I couldn’t have made it through this long trip without MaxGXL®. It was a life saver.”

One highlight of the Brisbane meeting was seeing the dramatic change One Minute Wonder™ can make with just one use.

Of the Singapore launch, Steve spoke equally highly of the beautiful city and the energetic Associates. From Steve’s perspective, the future of Max in Singapore is very bright. From Singapore, it was on to the Philippines for a regional event and a Road to Diamond.

“I was completely amazed at what I saw in the Philippines,” Steve says. “A new person joins Max, and is instantly surrounded by people who are dedicated to their success. For someone to join Max and enroll with a business pack, they are typically investing half a years’ salary. That is a huge commitment; failure is not an option. Perhaps that’s why we are seeing such amazing success in the Philippines.”

Steve was greatly moved by way Max helps people who start with nothing rise through the ranks to achieve great things with Max. “It showed me that when people are properly trained and are diligent, they can achieve extraordinary success in any economic environment,” he said. “And they’re doing it with just MaxGXL!”

Steve, Joe, and Eric also attended a luncheon with Philippine Diamonds, and then met with roughly 100 Associates who had to qualify for the honor. According to Triple Diamond George Reninger, “This meeting took off when Joe Voyticky addressed the room and I personally experienced the Max Vision at a new level as Steve opened his heart and shared how Max would be the breakthrough partner for these amazing leaders to change the world,” George says.

As Steve’s journey proves, Max International has a thriving opportunity in numerous corners of the world, with the power to literally change lives. Some may think that’s just a line we use, but our research-based products and rewarding opportunity are doing it!

Christchurch Leadership Dinner

George Reninger and Hd Yco

Marcus Schubert & George Reninger


The crowd in the Philippines loved Joe Voyticky


Steve presenting in Perth

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