Steve Scott Special Guest on Saturday’s Conference Call

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Steve Scott on Saturday’s conference call, and gain from Steve’s perspective. He will focus on Max’s products and why everyone should be recommending Visible Solutions.

Guests: Steven K. Scott, Max Co-Founder, and Ricardo Monterrosa Sr., Gold Associate Leader. This call is hosted by Eric Rondeau.

When: Saturday, July 23, 10:00 a.m. MDT

To participate: 760-569-7676 with PIN 167293#

More About This Week’s Participants
Steven K. Scott is a man who needs little introduction, known to Max Associates as a Co-Founder of the company. Steve has been very successful in life, but, as he often says, it took the right partnership to make it happen. As a co-founder of American Telecast, Steve was instrumental in making the Total Gym a $1 billion success story. Always searching for the next breakthrough product, Steve found it when introduced to Dr. Robert Keller and his research, the results of which would eventually be made available to the world as MaxGXL.

As the father of two Max Diamond Associates, Ricardo Monterrosa Sr. knows what it takes to succeed at Max. he will focus on leveraging the power of network marketing.

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