Super Saturday in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia

On Friday, August 5th, Joe Voyticky and Bob Kaelin, along with Dr. Don Colbert and his family, joined DJ Daly and about 100 Associates from Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia for an evening of information, education and great food. Saturday brought intensive training on how to build a Max International business and effectively share the Max products. Dr. Colbert presented his research and findings of the benefits of increasing your cellular glutathione. He reported on his personal results with the product and results of his patients. Mary Colbert, Don’s wife, talked about their experience in the network marketing industry and why they chose to be a part of Max International. She encouraged all in attendance to study and make a decision to join them in Max.





A Max business opportunity meeting was held Saturday evening from 7:00 until after 10:00 with almost 250 in attendance. DJ Daly hosted with Bob Kaelin, Joe Voyticky, Kyle Colbert, Dr. Don Colbert and Mary Colbert declaring the benefits of joining the Max family and using the Max products. The future is looking bright for Max International in Georgia and the surrounding states. Many in attendance left with excitement and enthusiasm for their future in building their own Max businesses.

The Conference call on Saturday, August 6th, featured Dr. Daria Davidson. She discussed glutathione and the importance of both Dr. Robert Keller and Dr. Herb Nagasawa’s science and product contributions to the health of the people of the world. She talked about the importance of increasing glutathione levels by taking MaxGXL and MaxOne. She also explained the benefits of Max N-Fuze and the importance of taking this vitamin and mineral supplement.

Joe Voyticky, Co-CEO, shared his story of how he decided to join Max International and leave his dream of being a partner in a large New York law firm. He talked about the incredible life changing stories he hears from Max Associates and customers as he travels the world. Joe also discussed the future of Max and how we will be a worldwide company.

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